Poor reception on the new iPhone 4 solution

MacRumors reported that Consumer Reports does not give a ‘recommend’ to purchasing the new iPhone 4 in their article, “Consumer Reports ‘Can’t Recommend’ iPhone 4 Due to Signal Issues“. Basically, if you touch the bottom left side of the iPhone 4, (where the iPhone antenna is) you lose reception quite significantly. I haven’t tested this out, and it took engineers at Consumer Reports to find this ‘weak spot’ so-to-speak.

If you are getting poor reception on your new iPhone 4, there is a solution!

The solution is a simple and easy way to fix the problem – and one everyone should do it. It is an iPhone 4 antenna issue and the placement of your finger over the antenna and Consumer Reports suggests a solution – DON’T DO THEIR STUPID FIX!

But first, watch the video to see why there is poor reception on the iPhone 4 and note Consumer Reports temporary fix and read my post on how you actually should fix the problem yourself.

Here is the Consumer Reports test:

Well, there is a better solution than the suggested Consumer Reports fix- which is both stupid and ugly. Why would they suggest TAPE when there is a better solution?

I do not use my phone a lot for ‘talking’; texting, games, alarm clock, email and internet usage is what I normally do – but if there’s an issue, it concerns me. That’s when I met someone this past weekend who had reception issues on their iPhone 4. He was telling me how the reception issues were significant but did not know why: blue tooth and driving, no problems; walking and talking while holding the phone – sometimes there were problems.

What did he do?

He bought a case for his iPhone 4. Its a simple as that. No tape. No ugly fix hanging on the left side of your iPhone 4. Just a protective case – which everyone should have!

Well, maybe that’s why I haven’t seen any significant issues with my iPhone 4. I bought a case immediately. Those who don’t have a case, well, deal with the issues – those who want to get a temporary fix till Apple figures out a permanent one, get a case. Problem solved. Or use the Consumer Reports recommended ugly way of fixing the reception issues on the iPhone 4.

An iPhone 4 specific case replaces that ugly tape Consumer Reports engineers suggest. It baffles me why they would even think of such a poor temporary fix! Maybe that’s why they didn’t come up with the bright idea to buy a case for their brand new iPhone 4! Well, they are engineers so I’m just saying… you know… the kind of tech savvy person that leaves a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar to be stolen?


How often do you remove your iPhone case anyway? Never? I never do unless I’m buying a new one.

And Apple has a ‘bumper’ that maybe, secretly, they knew would ‘cover up’ these issues before Consumer Reports found out what they were!

The Bumper covers just the sides of the iPhone 4 and also keeps the majority of the iPhone 4 visually appealing – the back is visible which is really nice. It is a simple design, comfortable to hold, and, maybe, the solution  you need to get rid of poor reception on your iPhone 4! Did you read that? The Bumper covers JUST THE SIDES (or edges) of the iPhone 4 – appropriately covering up the antenna where your finger may disrupt the signal. Did Apple know before everyone else?

Yes – I think so. The White iPhone 4 – probably no issues. They probably had to get it out on the June 22 drop date and just let it go.  I hope Apple gives EVERYONE a fix. How about a trade in program.

I know – I’m dreaming.

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