New iPhone 4 Delivery

I was a little upset that after trying all day to preorder my New iPhone 4, I finally got through on the Apple website only to be informed that my iPhone 4 would be delivered between July 6 and whenever. It didn’t matter anymore because any day after the ‘promised’ June 24th drop date was just making me mad so I didn’t want to think about it.

Well, the other day I got notification that the new iPhone 4 was out for delivery from FedEx – but still, would arrive on July 6th. Ridiculous.

Patience is a virtue right? I did not complain, I didn’t write about how stupid the preorder process was, I just accepted my fate and lived my life as normal as possible.

This morning my dogs alarmed me that someone as the door. It was FedEx.

It was my new iPhone 4. It was a pleasant surprise and basically an awesome ‘gift’ because now I have my iPhone 4 before the July 4th weekend! Wow!

You do not get many out of the blue surprises that make your day. But, if you are content, if you have the attitude of gratitude, these things seem to start to happen.

I can go on and on about what opportunities have fallin at my feet this past month. All because I have really embraced the attitude of gratitude more than I ever have.

I am grateful that I stayed positive despite the frustration I had with a company I hold in such high regard (Apple). By being this way, I was ‘rewarded’ so-to-speak, with an early gift.

My 14gb of memory used on my iPhone 3G is now being transferred over to the new iPhone 4. I am excited and anticipating the use of my new phone.  It has taken about an hour and I believe within the close of this post, it will be ready to go.

Yep – I can now disconnect!

What else awaits? I am really anticipating it!

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