Blogging made easy

Starting a new blog is like a drop of the Hat!

These past few months of blogging made starting up a new blog based on my individual interests so much easier. Instead of having a blog with all these niches under its umbrella, I thought its better to have a blog that focuses on specific topics that I am interested in – like Apple Products: iPhone, MacBooks, iPads, iTunes Apps, “How To” anything Apple, etc.

So I started a blog or website called: iCreate iListen iPlay – (go here)

Instead of an App review getting buried here in this blog under the Page “Apple Products” I have a page dedicated to those reviews along with product reviews, software reviews, ‘how to’ articles and related Apple news.

Here are a few things I have already posted:

One of the best updates with this new iPhone operating system is the use of “Folders”. And all iPhone 3G, 3Gs, and iPhone 4 owners can take advantage of this feature.Don’t you hate swiping through 3, 5, or 10 or more pages just to get to that app you want to use? Having ‘been there done that’ I definitely tried to keep up with organizing my Apps. It wasn’t easy, and it was always a tedious task whenever I bought a new App. Well, not anymore. Continue Reading →

Also, I have done several App reviews. If you want to see a list of App reviews go here (iCreatiListeniPlay App Reviews)

The latest App review is for an app for Boxers who may or may not have a trainer at the gym to train them. Its a good motivational tool because it has preset exercises that you can follow without the guidance of a trainer.

Hey, boxers! Guess what! You can add to your training regiment with an iPhone app! This app, “MyBoxing Trainer” has a ton of vidoes that you can reference when you are working out on your own, or if you are new to boxing. From Boxing Safety to Hand Wrapping. Techniques from Stance, Punches, and footwork. You can even create Workout exercises or use one of the several predefined workouts included in the app. Included is a Timer for alerts based on 2:00 min, 3:00 min, or 5:00 min rounds with 30-60 second rest periods. Continue Reading →

There is an MMA app as well called “MyMMA Trainer” for those in to mixed martial arts. (related post: “Bruce Lee: The Father of MMA?”

Oh, and are you wondering how to take better pictures with your iPhone? Here’s a tip – turn it on its side!

As a beginning photographer, every chance I get I want to compose a great shot! That’s even without my SLR camera – the Canon T1i! There are times I don’t have my camera with me – but I always have my iPhone. And when I take pictures with my iPhone – i think “composition” and “lighting”. Taking great shots with the iPhone starts with great lighting – but that being said, you can get really creative with any type of light!

Continue Reading →

There you go – tons of great Apple related things to get you going! Check it out and signup for the iCreateiListeniPlay newsletter to get special offers and up-to-date news!

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