Miracle on Ice vs Miracle on Grass? USA 1 ALG 0

Okay, today I was going to write about how horrible the USA did in the World Cup and how they have continually underachieved. Yes, I know – they were robbed of a goal against whoever it is they played the last time out. But they would have lost against that other team, the first team, if it weren’t for a gift from a goalie. Okay, I’m not giving them any credit at all in this silly game called Soccer because to be honest, I can’t remember who they played.

But I did watch the three games believe in or not.

Today, I think they played… I think it starts with an “A”. Algeria? Oh well… That’s not my point. Some say this is the biggest win in American world competition. Okay, if it leads to the World Cup we will look back at these three games and say, wow – what a miracle. That being the case, they won but it was only a soccer game at this point. If they lose on Saturday, who cares anymore right?

That being said, is this “Miracle on Grass” more important than the “Miracle on Ice”?

HELL NO – and for those who are trying to say this I’m going to ask, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The game was pretty spectacular. They needed a win to stay alive. But they could have solved that with a goal in the first game, and a take command goal in the 2nd game right?

Soccer enthusiasts, don’t get me wrong. Great game. Done in stop time. And two weeks from now we might be saying that this is the greatest win in US history in world games competition. BUT… until then… its just a win.

Nothing replaces the “Miracle on Ice” because of the politics, the time, and the “NEED” for a win like that. The Lakers just won the championships. It was THE MOST WATCHED CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IN NBA HISTORY. Americans watching a “Miracle on Grass” – a win to get to the next game, well, we didn’t really ‘need’ that on the heels of an NBA championship.

We needed to beat the Russians.

That being said, my opinion – “Miracle on Ice” kicks ass on “Miracle on Grass”… at least for now. Brazil vs USA in the championships with a USA win… I may change my opinion.

Congrats to ‘us’ the Americans – despite my feelings. They won in American type fashion!

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