iPhone OS 4 (iOS4) is now available

Did you update your iPhone software to the new iOS4? Well, here’s the day we have all been waiting for. The new iPhone OS 4 is now available! But before I go into all the wonderful features, you need to know this:

iOS4 works with the new iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G. Not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

If you read that right, then all ‘us’ iPhone 3G users wil not have multitasking. Which is unfortunate but if you own a 3G, then you better think about getting the new iPhone 4 as soon as possible. (Yes, I am a 3G owner and yes, I ordered the iPhone 4!)

If you do not want to jump to the iPhone 4, which is just plain silly to not want to, then maybe upgrade to the 3Gs where you can experience what the iPhone should have had long ago – Multitasking!

That being said – here are the main features you will get with the full use of iOS4.

Multitasking – yes, multitasking! This means you don’t need to shut down an app to reply to a text, compose an email, or get to the internet and vice versa. Pull up the menu bar and just switch to the application of your choice, then go back to what you were doing without having to load it up again!

Folders – How about NOT swiping for 14 pages or so to get to your Chess App? Well, categorize apps within folders. Puzzles, Board Games, Productivity, Browsers – all in a folder that you can get to and quickly get to what you want! How convienent is that?

iBooks – Do you need an iPad to read iBooks now? Nope – its on your phone. Now, my eyes probably won’t like it too much, but the fact that it is available is a nice convenience!

Create Playlists – Now you don’t need to get on iTunes to create a playlist. Its simple and easy and can be done in line at the bank or McDonald’s, if you are so inclined.

5x Digital Zoom – iPhone 4 future owners – wow. With a great camera and now 5x digital zoom – who needs a paid for app when its already on your iPhone!

Spell Check, Home Screen Wallpaper, Gifting apps, Faces and Places in photo (like iPhoto and Aperture)  and if you have a blue tooth wireless keyboard guess what – pair it to your iPhone and type away!

This is why I love the iPhone! An upgrade in software is like having a brand new phone with new functionality! When iPhone 3 first came out it was a gift from the Smart Phone Angels! With iOS4, it is heaven sent. Combine that with the anticipated release of the iPhone 4 on 6/24/2010 and it is Godsend!

Download now – just open iTunes, connect your iPhone, select your iPhone Device, click on “CHECK FOR UPDATES” then just be patient and let it run its course! Do not disconnect your phone during the update!

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