Take your blogging to the bank!

So you’ve been blogging for a while. And maybe there are quite a few followers! You pay a monthly fee for online service, and possibly a hosting service. Don’t we all? So why not take your blogging to the bank? Or, at least, get your monthly fees paid for and possibly more!

This is not an easy process, but it is simple. And my suggestion, in order to get started the right way is to do these following things:

1. Read John Chow’s free eBook titled, “Make Money Online” which can be downloaded at John Chow dot Com.
2. Set up a blog and chose a ‘look’ (theme). I use WordPress but there are others. Personally, WordPress is the best.
3. Sign up for Google Adsense.
4. Read John Chow’s free eBook titled, “Make Money Online” again! Yes – there will be things you missed the first time.
5. Sign up for Kontera through JohnChow’s eBook, “Make Money Online” so that you can get an account before the 50K/month page view requirements.
*** NOTE: See Johnathan’s Comment below for no minimum pageviews!
6. Learn what a plugin and a widget is on WordPress blog.
7. Read John Chow’s free eBook titled, “Make Money Online” again and again – there is a recurring theme here and that’s to read that book!
8. If you want images on your blog, sign up to get images through stock.xchng
10. Do what you normally do – write a blog entry and keep writing!

These things are easy to set-up. If you need help email me and I’ll show you how.  If you stay consistent with your blogging and build readers, this could lead to a little money in your pocket and possibly you make take your blogging to the bank!

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