Game 7 Lakers vs Celtics or a Little League Playoff Game?

Tommy’s Moves On

If I had a choice to coach my son in a little league playoff game or go to a Laker’s game 7 championship game I would choose… My son’s Little League playoff game – win or lose. I was thinking about this today and thought about some sports moments that I would love to experience. A Dodgers World Series Game 7 at Dodger Stadium and a Laker Championship Game 7 at Staples Center.

And here’s the thing, I’d rather coach (or watch) my son play in a playoff game over the aforementioned championship game 7!

Last night, the Laker game was on – Game 6 vs the Celtics. And Jake had a playoff game – single elimination. His team, “Tommy’s” as per the world famous Tommy Burger restaurant, won the game. Which means on Thursday night they play again – right smack in the middle of the Lakers Game 7 Championship Game at Staples Center.

Now, I don’t have tickets to the game, but I do enjoy watching it and experiencing the win. But fortunately, Jake has a playoff game – and its against their arch-rivals: Two Guys from Italy. It’s a solid team with great coaching. And they crushed us in the last game of the season. So we are out for some sort of friendly revenge.

They scouted the game last night – they know what to expect. I’m more of a John Wooden type – it doesn’t matter what the other team does, pitches, or how their lineup looks – all that matters is how we play. If we play ‘our game’ we can beat any team in this division. Unfortunately, ‘our game’ is few and far between. Errors tend to take over ‘our game’ but when errors are decreased, ‘our game’ is a dominate one. From pitching to base running.

Last night I was so proud that the team came back and won the game. The one thing about this team is that once they allow some runs, it is incredibly hard to get back into it. Juggling a 13 player lineup is not an easy thing to do in the Foothill Minor Leagues because every player has to bat. So it takes a while to get back to the top of the lineup. We spread things around, but still, 4 extra players to go through to get to our ‘heart’ means we have to get on base more often than not.

That being said, every boy on the team can get on base. And that’s our goal. So wish us luck! We need it.

Oh – here’s the newspaper picture from The Glendale News Press… Note: I’m not wearing a Tommy’s Tee… I’m wearing my lucky UCLA shirt. We got our first win with that shirt, Jacob hit a home run with that shirt, we won a game in the bottom of the 6th with that shirt – and we won our first playoff game!

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GO TEAM TOMMY’S! Thursday Night, like I said after the game – is BIGGER than this! And it gets bigger every time!

And… my UCLA shirt is in the washing machine.

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