iPhone 4 release date announced – June 24th!

Today, at the WWDC, Steve Jobs announced that the much anticipated iPhone 4 release date will be June 24th. $199/16gb, $299/32gb. What we discover is that it is called the iPhone 4. Not the iPhone HD or the iPhone 4G.

iPhone 4 release date announced – June 24th!

Who is getting it on release date?

I am going to attempt to get in line, and get the next generation iPhone as soon as it hits the shelves – and that means a lot of caffine, a book, and hanging with a highschool friend as we wait for our chance to GET OUR HANDS ON THE IPHONE 4!

On second thought, I don’t want to wait in line if I can preorder it. I might just preorder it on Tuesday June 15th.

I sat online for an hour reading live updates from Steve Jobs Keynote at the WWDC through macrumorslive.com. It was pretty awesome.
Here are just a few points to ponder from his address:

  • Netflix for iPhone coming this summer.
  • iPhone has
  • 58.2% of the entire mobile browser usage in the country. Over 2.5x as much as number two, which is Android, at 22.7%
  • Thinnest smartphone on the planet.
  • Retina Display. New display technology, dramatically increases pixel density. 4x as many in same amount of space.

Want to see more? Well, here’s a few more things that the iPhone 4 offers: Watch the video for the iPhone 4 here:

I cannot wait to get this phone. This iPhone 4 is the best update for the iPhone yet- well, of course it is – its the next generation iPhone. Every iPhone iteration has been better than the last!

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