What do you say to a Legend – John Wooden (10/14/1910 – 6/4/2010)

Originally posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2005

“What do you say to a Legend” John Wooden (10/14/1910 – 6/4/2010)

So there I was… all alone in this room sitting next to this 95 year old man. He shook my hand and took my piece of paper while I fumbled for something to say.

I think my voice cracked as my face turned red when I did figured out what to say.

“Hopefully the team does well this coming year.” I fussed.

I was only fortunate enough to sit there as a ‘fill in’ so he wouldn’t be alone waiting by himself. My boss, feeling the same way I did, didn’t know what to say so he sent me in instead. I felt like my knees would buckle as I entered the room and shook his hand. His hand felt old, twisted and worn, but extremely soft and smooth.

He smiled as he handed me back my piece of paper.

“Well, they’ll do good. Not great. But I think they’ll do well.” He confessed.

It was then we were joined by two other people more important than me. So I got up to make room for the party of FAMOUS guests that would arrive.

Dizzily, I went back to my office. I took a deep breath as I sat and read the piece of paper with his note on it.

It read:

For Glenn
Best Wishes
John Wooden

Okay… wow. WOW! WOW!!!

I was alone in a room with John Wooden!!! He smiled at me. He shook my hand twice. And he told me in all honesty UCLA Basketball will do well. Not great. But well.

I’m beside myself.


John Wooden – You will be missed. Rest In Peace

There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer. John Wooden

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