The iPhone 4G release date will be known in three days!

In three days, the much anticipated iPhone 4G release date will be announced! If tradition holds true, then Friday will be the day we will see lines outside the Apple Store. It is expected Monday, the 21st, but with Apple, you never know.

The most anticipated feature for the new iPhone 4G will be iPhone OS 4 with multitasking.  But the other most anticipated iPhone 4G feature, for me, is tethering. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity for tethering for a year now!

The iPhone 4G release date will be known in three days!

So here, once again, are other iPhone 4G features that are speculated:

– Verizon

I’m not so sure I really care now if the iPhone is with Verizon. yes, it was much anticipated, but really… I haven’t had any problems with AT&T – which, by the way, is getting rid of unlimited data plans and dropping the high usage plan from unlimited and $30/month to $25/month for 2gb or $15/month for 200mb. At this point, I’m not even hitting 200mb a month but with tethering, who knows.

– Faster

I held off on the 3GS. Yes, I held off. I felt the only benefit was a cooler phone. Video Apps and more gave me a 3GS feel – and I’m not a serious iPhone internet user. Opera Mini helped to speed things up, but this makes the jump from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4G even better. I am certain I will notice the speed of the new iPhone 4G processor!

– Battery

Will it be better? If the new Macbooks and MacBook Pros are getting more efficiency with battery life, and getting faster, then I’m sure that will translate to the next generation of iPhones!

– Tethering

I mentioned Tethering early – and to me, this is a huge upgrade if it is possible. They made it a ‘coming soon’ feature for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but it never came to fruition – here in the United States that is.

– Camera

If the iPhone 4G has a better built in camera, and has a flash as speculated, has better resolution, well, who needs a point and shoot? We got away with 5mp point and shoot cameras just 5 years ago – and we printed great 4×6 pictures with them. This camera, and the possible 8mp camera, as speculated earlier in the year, more point and shooters may just rely on their iPhone instead of their Canon.

That’s just a few things to look forward to in the next 3 days. Personally, I can’t wait. I held off on the Apple iPad Tablet, but my real anticipation has been the iPhone 4G release date – and it could be as soon as next week!

If you want to see great pictures of the iPhone 4G (also dubbed the iPhone HD), visit: Gizmodo’s article: “This is Apple’s Next iPhone

(iPhone 4 release date update: 6/24/2010)

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