More reason to buy an Apple iPad Tablet

Apple iPad features - iBooks

Apple iPad features - iBooks

Barnes and Noble has a top of the line handheld eBook reader: the Nook. Personally, I love it – and thought, why own an iPad Tablet and a Nook at the same time? The main reason why I would buy an iPad tablet would be for the Apps, and Photo album as a portfolio, and to read on. Apps – I have on my iPhone. Reading – I do on my Nook. So I had no reason. But now, there is…

More reason to buy an Apple iPad.

BN has a free eReader for the iPad.  Which means, I can read the books I already have purchased on the iPad of I so wish. I can ‘shop’ for best prices: B&N versus the iBook store, and I won’t have to worry about having two electronic gadgets to carry my books on.

BN eReader for iPad is designed to offer an easy, yet sophisticated, customizable reading experience. Users can choose from multiple ways to view their library, including professionally designed themes with elegant and complementary text and page colors, as well as fonts; and instantly switch between portrait and landscape views based on personal preference. BN eReader for iPad users can further personalize their reading experience with unparalleled options: literally millions of colors for text, pages, highlights and links; eight typefaces and five text sizes; and a variety of margins and customizable spacing options.

B&N’s Nook has not disappointed me. Their software upgrades always improve the Nook with their latest update that now allows for Internet Browsing and a couple of my favorite games: Sudoku and Chess. So they are always on top of their game which, I believe, means they will always improve their App for the iPad.

The one thing you will not get from reading on the iPad is eInk – which is a big plus to owning a Nook or Kindle. Reading a computer screen all day is tiresome. And I’ve found going to the Nook and reading actually is soothing to my eyes.

That being said, I still like the novelty of owning an iPad and can sell my Nook handheld eBook reader for around $200. With that, I can put it towards a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad tablet.

More info: Barnes & Noble

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