New Apple iPhone 4G owners – Be ready for AT&T’s rude awakening!

Okay, if AT&T really wanted to be the ‘big man’, they would allow a smooth transition out for iPhone users with AT&T contracts, who want to go with a CDMA capable carrier like Verizon’s eventual iPhone 4G (dubbed the iPhone HD). In fact, if I was head of marketing, I would offer something better to my current customers – like, say – lowering the monthly data plan if they buy the next generation iPhone with AT&T. For those ‘loyal’ customers – reward them and keep them loyal!

(iPhone 4 release date update: 6/24/2010)

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The iPhone HD release date is soon to be upon us and with that, I’m sure there will be a big early termination movement from iPhone owners. But here’s the thing… AT&T is raising their early termination fee from $175 to $325 for new contracts! Are you kidding me?

Here’s what AT&T is saying, “An AT&T spokesman, however, said the timing of the move wasn’t related to any device.”

Really? Seriously? Yes, we are all idiots so we believe you.

So if you just can’t wait to get an iPhone, and you get one before the iPhone 4G release date, just know that if you want to term your contract you will have to pay $325 for an early termination fee.

I don’t get it. Is this going to make new subscribers WANT to get an AT&T contract? I mean, if you are thinking about getting an iPhone with AT&T, wouldn’t this tactic scare you away a little bit?

Verizon has a big termination fee as well – so the choice is really – are you committed to a two year contract with your service provider? We all know Verizon has a better coverage area, so if you are bound by a contract and now have the option to choose which one you want with an iPhone, where is the logical choice?

“The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has taken an interest in the fee policies of Verizon and other carriers, and is seeking to understand how these policies affect consumers.”

The only reason I would wait around to get the next generation iPhone is to see which carrier will eventually allow tethering. My contract is month to month now, so I won’t have an early termination fee if I go with the new iPhone 4G and Verizon. That’s a good thing. But I want to make sure the contract I go with is the one that will offer more.

Cellular service – I don’t notice it. I don’t talk on my phone a lot, I use it to text, play games, and listen to music. I have the lowest minutes that I can get away with and every month I have a ton of rollover minutes. I would love to use the iPhone to tether an eventual iPad tablet or my laptop – and to me, that’s the biggest plus an iPhone can offer me.

That being said, if AT&T wants to screw people just because THEY are not capable of putting out a better product, then Verizon – I’ll be back like a prodigal son and I’ll let the FTC take its course.

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