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I’m not much for paying money for iPhone apps when there are so many free apps out there. But there are two Apple iPhone Apps that I had to buy. I don’t play many games, but I do like a good game when I see one. And here are two apps, a creative one and a game, that I had to buy: “Inkstrumental” & “Angry Birds”.

Do you want to be part of the “Global Hit Sensation”? Then its time you get some money from your recycling so you can buy, “Inkstrumental” from the iTunes App Store today! (Buy in the iTunes store $2.99)

What is Inkstrumental? It’s an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app of mental expression through music. This is a new app by “ustwo” that, supposedly, took a year to make (where most apps take a matter of months).

Inkstrumental allows you to create and share music with your friends. Set the mood of your ‘musical masterpiece’, choose a characters that all emits a weird sound when tapped, make some crazy tunes, and record your own sounds which is then automatically recorded to a beat. Combine the character and sounds to create your own wacky music then immediately upload it to YouTube.

See uploaded Inkstrumentals on YouTube.

“ustwo” worked with the world famous artist, Jon Burgerman to develop the artwork for Inkstrumental. Here’s the way to make it unique: Add your own voice.

For more information on this app please check Inkstrumental

So now you are part of the “Global Hit Sensation”. But what about being part of the global phenomenon of people who have paid for an iPhone app? Well, if you by “Angry Birds”, you will be part of the most addictive apps the iTunes store has to offer and the #1 iPhone paid App WorldWide! (Buy in iTunes Store $0.99)

Angry Birds is a game about survival! The birds have to dish out revenge to the Green pigs who stole their eggs. Using the powers of the Angry Birds, you can demolish those ‘pig castles’. The game is so addictive, there are “Angry Birds” cheat codes that you can buy for it too!

Check out this YouTube Trailer for the game:

For more information on this app please check: Angry Birds

If you have an iPhone, and you play games or like something unique and creative, these two iPhone apps are ‘must haves’. Don’t wait till your best friend tells you to buy it – tell him to buy it and you’ll be a hero.

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