How to upload iPhoto pictures into Facebook

How to upload iPhoto pictures into Facebook

In 5 Easy Steps

Apple’s iPhoto program has a ton of great features. And if a user wants to make the most of iPhoto, they will delve right in and use as many of the easy-to-use features to make the program a powerful tool.  This iPhoto Tutorial will describe how easy it is to take a group of photos and upload them straight into your Facebook account and into a specific album.

Let’s assume: a) you have a Facebook account, b) know how to manage your photos and group them into “Events” in iPhoto, c) you want to share a few photos from a specific event and upload them into an album in Facebook so that you can share them with your friends.

Well, these following steps will get you from iPhoto straight to Facebook and the process eventually leads to seamless management of an iPhoto album and a Facebook album.

1. Select your Event

From iPhoto, double click the event folder to open it. You can see all the events by clicking on the Event Folder in the Library Directory.

In this example I will be opening an Event called, “Isabella’s Camera”. These are pictures that my 6 year old daughter took with her digital camera.

2. Choose your pictures

There are different ways to do this. I like to ‘Flag’ the pictures I want to upload which puts pictures into a “Flagged” folder.

Or, you can select pictures one by one by Command-Clicking each and every picture. The reason why this can be tedious, and frustrating, is that you might accidentally click a picture without the Command button and all your selected pictures will go away. Flagging the pictures is faster and easier way.

As you click on your pictures within your Event, Command-Period a selected picture and it will Flag it. That’s the Command key and the “.” Period key. You will see a flag at the top left corner of the picture after you flag it.

To ‘unflag’ the picture, just Command-Period again.

In this case I flagged 13 pictures. You can see the count in the Flagged Folder.

3. Select all pictures to upload to Facebook

Open the “Flagged” folder and from the Edit drop down menu, click on Select All. This will select all the pictures that will eventually end up in Facebook.

4. Set Up Your Facebook account to link with iPhoto

Click on the Facebook icon on the bottom of your iPhoto and enter the pertinent information to login to Facebook. The setup window will close and once you click the Facebook icon again you can choose who will see the photos: Everyone, Friends of Friends, or Only Friends.

Click Publish.

5. Pictures are now uploading

A new folder will be created under “Facebook”. This album is a direct link to the Facebook album you are uploading to. The beauty with this is, if you had a titled Event, and you flagged the pictures into the “Flagged” folder, the album in Facebook will have the event’s album title.

There will be a ‘clock’ next to the Facebook album to let you know that it is uploading in Facebook. There will also be a status bar at the top that will tell you how much time is left with the upload.

For my 13 pictures it took less than 30 seconds to upload to Facebook at around 2mb each picture.

If you want to add more pictures, just drag them from your event into the Facebook Folder on iPhoto. You don’t have to flag them, just drag them and drop them and Facebook will update!

Simple and seamless!

This iPhoto Tutorial is one way to go between iPhoto and Facebook. The process is exactly how I manage my workflow when sharing pictures from iPhoto to Facebook. I rarely to never use Facebook’s photo uploader. I either use iPhoto, Aperture 3, or my iPhone, where all three are faster than iPhoto’s uploader.

Hope this helps!

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