iPhone 3G owners: Here’s the best Video App available to-date!

iPhone 3G owners: Here’s the best Video App available to-date!

As an iPhone 3G owner, and ‘bound’ by a long contract, we tend to be envious of the iPhone 3GS capabilities: speed for one, but the Video Capture was a big one. A compass? No big deal right? So I am always on the lookout for a great Video App to shoot videos. And that’s when I came across an offer to try Camera Plus Pro: Photo+Video record on a 3G, 3GS, 2G, effects, with live zoom!

I reviewed other Video Apps for the iPhone 3G here: “How to record a Video on an iPhone 3G“.

I was eager to test out Camera Plus Pro and see for myself and immediately, the interface had me.

Camera Plus Pro is an “all in one” camera app: photos, videos and sharing on popular networking sites.

Once you upload the iPhone Video app and activate it you are immediately in shooting mode. The bottom right has a slider to choose to shoot Photographs or to use Video Capture.

There are so many features to play around with the Camera: Copyright info, dating, resolution, burst modes for quick multiple pictures, etc. And a useful “Help” is simple and to follow and teaches you about the apps functions: from Camera Mode, Editing, Sharing and Managing your media.

I wanted to play with the Video Camera as soon as possible and captured a few seconds of shots here and there. It was simple and easy to use.

Zooming is as simple as moving the zoom slider as you shoot your video. It is live zoom – so video capture without stopping, and zoom to your heart’s content. The zoom slider is much better than a 1x, 2x, 3x zoom that you tap and ‘jump’ in with. The zoom is smooth and you control it.

You can also be creative by adding filters to your video: Black & White, Sepia, Sin City Red, Avatar Blue, Hulk Green, Invert.

After you choose your filter just shoot. Press the Camera Button and start your video. When you are done, tap it again and add a Tag, GeoTag Share it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or email it.

This all in one Camera/Video App, to me, is tops compared to the rest. Read the detiled specs at the iTunes app store: (Camera Plus Pro – Specs)

Here are some specs:

3GS Resolution
Original: 1600×1200
Medium: 1024×768
Low: 512×384

2G and 3G Resolution
Original: 1600×1200
Medium: 800×600
Low: 400×300

Get it here: Camera Pro Plus: $1.99 (iTunes app Store)

Here’s a great demo:

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