Apple iPhone 4G release date – CDMA?

Apple iPhone 4G release date – CDMA?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is producing a new phone that would allow US carriers outside of AT&T to sell the phone. What phone could that be? Well, there is rumor as previously reported that it is either the iPhone 4G or the iPhone HD. The iPhone 4G (dubbed the iPhone HD release date is still unknown, and the release date should be announced at the WWDC the first week in June (see: “iPhone 4G release date / iPhone HD release date announcement at the WWDC?”)

What is CDMA? It’s a type of wireless network that AT&T uses. So if the iPhone is CDMA compatible, then those faithful Verizon subscribers who would buy an iPhone if not for the AT&T required service, can finally be ‘one of the crowd’.

The problem is (if it really is a problem), the CDMA compatible iPhone will be available after the non-CDMA phone is release. Of course this is speculation. I’ve read dates from September to the late holidays. Some analysts even say sometime in 2011! But we’ve waited this long, why not wait just a few months longer? (see: “Analysts Don’t Expect Verizon iPhone until 2011“)

I for one was a Verizon subscriber for nearly 16+ years (I think it was called AirTouch at the time) before going with the iPhone. So it was a hard choice to make – but one that I really do not regret as I love every iteration of the iPhone despite holding off on the iPhone 3GS. The new next generation release of the iPhone is one I will not pass up.

Yes, I have kept my cool on the iPad, and although its a great product, I am really anticipating the release of the new iPhone by Apple.

The question is: will I have the patience to wait for the CDMA compatible iPhone or will I stick with AT&T with hopes of tethering and better service?

For pictures and the disection of the next geneartion iPhone, chekck out MacRumors post: “Next iPhone: A4 Processor, 256MB RAM, N90 PRO2, Translated Impressions

Here’s one cool spec: “Dimension: iPhone 4G is thinner than the previous iPhones (about 2.5mm), the width is also narrower, about 3.5mm (this is because of the aluminum frame), the height is about 1mm higher. These changes have made the new iPhone looks longer or higher.”

Also see the NYTimes article. They are a pretty reliable source that says, “New iPhone could end AT&T’s U.S. Monopoly“.

See a video of the new iPhone that was ‘stolen’. A Gizmodo exclusive…

So everyone is anticipating the iPhone 4G release date (or iPhone HD release date). I can’t wait and once I get one in my hands, I’ll share it with you!

(iPhone 4 release date update: 6/24/2010)

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