UFC President, Dana White I applaud you! But…

UFC President, Dana White I applaud you! But…

Where is the UFC going with all this disrespect and “Boxing Like” antics? Sure, smack talk and smack talk all you want; it brings in the curious fans who want to see two guys slug it out and hate each other at the same time.   But as Martial Artists, we all know, in the end it’s a bow and respect.  But once it’s a sucker punch by Daly, or not letting go of a chokehold after a guy passes out by Sobral, the ‘sport’ because ‘unsportsman’.  And UFC President, Dana White, did the right thing. He fired their asses and I applaud him for it.

But what about the huge disrespect by Anderson Silva in his last fight? Or when Dan Henderson came down with an elbow on Bisbing when Bisbing was already out? Where was the ‘you’re fired’ button?

Could it be favoritism? Turn a blind eye to poor sportsmanship when the fighter is a money-making fighter?

I’m glad Daly got fired and I wanted him to beat Koscheck.  I’m not a fan of Koscheck. But I know Koscheck is a great fighter. And a fighter’s actions in the ring sometimes are overshadowed by their actions outside of the ring. Anderson Silva’s actions, after me wanting to see him dominate every fighter, is now – I want him to get a big taste of his own medicine. I want him to taunt a fighter to take a swing, and I want that fighter to take the swing and knock Silva out.

At this time, in the UFC, there is one champion that represents his belt well. And that’s George St. Pierre. BJ Penn? Prodigy? Prodigy of what? A lazy dough boy who thinks he doesn’t have to train to win a non-championship bought? If you’re going to go down and lose – go down like a champ!

Oh, and one thought on the Ultimate Fighter… Maybe Tito should take a hint on his own losses and how it relates to training. Every athlete ‘should know’ that you go into a fight while peaking. Not while recovering.

Tito Ortiz… if you think you can beat the Iceman, I don’t now what you’re smoking. You can’t even dodge a ball! And I’m a fan of Tito believe it or not.

Want to see respect? Want to see two guys fight that hate each other and in the end, despite how it ended, were sportsman? It all goes back to UFC 1.

Watch it here: “Shamrock vs Gracie – UFC 1”.

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