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Your first 30 days of Search Engine Optimization for your blog can be confusing, but it can also be effective and cheap. Do it yourself SEO may seem like a daunting task. It starts with understanding Search Engine Optimization and how you can use it to make your blog rank well in Google searches and on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  SEO consultation can be (or is) quite expensive – but you can save money by learning the SEO process and doing it yourself.

If you haven’t read “The SEO Process for new Bloggers“, this will give you a brief explanation on some SEO terms as you start your process.

There are many online resources to make the SEO process simple and easy – even for beginners! Your first goal is to identify keywords that you can use within your blog posts and to build your blog around. If you are new to the world of SEO, then the following three online resources can help you research and find keywords for your website as well as implement them into your blog posts. Using them together can add benefit and save hours of time.

1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool (Free)

By entering a keyword or a phrase you can retrieve many other keywords or phrases related to what you entered.  This can help you find words that you did not even think about when you started your keyword brainstorm session.

See: (“Do it yourself SEO Keyword Research“)

These keywords will provide the Average CPC (cost per click for advertisers who bid on these keywords), Estimated Ad position if you are starting an Ad campaign, Volume stats and trends as well as Advertiser competition.

2. The Keyword Academy (membership)

The Keyword Academy is all about SEO and how to maximize your blog/website’s visibility on the web by using keywords. “They” teach you to find them, implement them, get ranked for them, and make money from them. “They” being Mark Butler and Courtney Tuttle, partners who have been into Internet Marketing since 2004 and are teaching people how to succeed online.

For $1 you can be a member for 30 days – use this 30 days to upload your Google Adwords into their “Niche Refinery” and do further analysis on what keywords are profitable based on CPC, PageRanks, and difficulty! It is an incredible tool and one you can use for $1 for 30 days!

Other support areas are member forums, webinars, and affiliates. Get the most out of you can for 30 days and if you are ready to venture out alone into the SEO adventure, cancel your membership and that’s it!

The “Niche Refinery” is an absolutely must if you want to continue being up-to-date with competitive SEO keywords. If all you need is 30 days of a full-blown keyword analytics software, then you get it for $1.00.

Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool along with the “Niche Refinery” from The Keyword Academy is a great start! But how do you make sure you are using the recommended 3% – 5% keyword density in your website pages?

3. Live Keyword Analysis (Free)

There are many school’s of thought on keyword density. “Keyword density” is specifically referring to how often a keyword is used in your webpage. One SEO expert may say one thing and another may say something else when it comes to how to use keywords. There are many factors from Page Titles, Urls, and tags – to internal and external linking.  From this author’s point of view, using one keyword per page at 3%-5% is a good gauge. Some say 5%-7% keyword density is effective. And most experts say never use more than a 7% keyword density per page!

But the MOST IMPORTANT way to use keywords is to use them NATURALLY within the body of your blog posts.

Live Keyword Analysis allows you to cut-and-paste your copy into a window and type up to 3 keywords in order to check the ratio of keyword density. It is a simple mathematical formula and you can do it in MS Word if you want to take the time. Using Live Keyword Analysis, it is quick and easy – you can even edit your copy right in the window for up-to-date ratios.

Simple Formula: Keyword Density % = [(Keyword Total/Total Words in page copy) * 100]

Again, using keywords naturally within your blog posts requires no formula and will never seemed ‘forced’. If you want to maximize SEO – then forget the ‘density and formula’ but use them naturally and place them in Title and Tags of your post!

From building a list of keywords, to analyzing them for profitability and competition, to building it into your page copy by using them naturally can cost $1.00 in your first 30 days. You can’t get any better than that in your first 30 days of SEO and keyword analysis!

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