Opera Mini – The best new web browser for your iPhone (and computer)

Opera Mini – The best new web browser for your iPhone (and computer)

Every iPhone user has to try the new web browser for your iPhone! After giving the Opera Mini a good work over these past couple of weeks I have to say, compared to Safari, it is the best iPhone web browser – at least for my needs.

There are features that some may dislike, like one tap zoom, which doesn’t have much control like two finger pinching. But outside of that, what really is it lacking?

The Opera Mini iPhone browser bookmarks your pages well, it has a great start page to get you to your favorite site right off the bat, opening multiple browsing sessions is simple, and the pages load a lot faster than Safari.

Now that I have the Opera Mini iPhone browser app, that I don’t shy away from getting online for a ‘quick’ information fix. I needed some information on a restaurant and used Opera Mini to find it. Instead of waiting for Safari to load some pages that I tend to stay away from, I now feel Opera Mini is reliable and fast for a browsing session that I usually avoided due to frustration.

There is another cool feature that Opera offers. If you go to http://www.opera.com/, you can sign up and membership is free. Share your photos, start a blog (see mine),  and be a part of the 4.5 million Opera Member Community!

I even did a test run with Opera vs Safari vs Firefox vs Google Chrome on my computer and Opera & Google loaded pages much faster than Safari and Firefox. This means more time will be spent gathering information instead of waiting for it.

The Opera web browser is reliable and is a more efficient, effective, and powerful browser for computers and your phone!

Why wait for a web page when you can have it lightning fast? Download Opera for your computer and Opera Mini for you iPhone now! You won’t regret it!

Here are some actions shots of Opera Mini from my iPhone. 😉

Yes, there are some things that Opera needs to improve, there are things that I need to figure out as I work with it. But the most important thing right now is faster Internet browsing for your iPhone and your computer!

As I anticipate the new iPhone 4G release date (or iPhone HD release date) and the speed of browsing on that iPhone browser, the Opera Mini is definitely the best new web browser for your iPhone right now! I have no doubt about it! Download it here: Opera.com.

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