Article Writing strategies – Write fewer Articles, Earn more Money

Article Writing Strategies

Write fewer Articles

Earn more Money

This month is the first month where I can safely say, I’m writing less, and earning more. Usually I aim for 30- 40 articles a month. This month my goal: 20 articles and still make more money! This frees up more time for other things like Learning SEO and the do it yourself SEO process, Affiliate Marketing and blogging. My article writing strategies for the month is actually something I need to get used to. I’m used to writing more to earn more! But that initial work has led to earning more while writing less!

For one of the websites I write for this is how my income has grown as my article submission has decreased.

30 articles
Total income: $163.36

29 articles.
Total Income: $237.65

39 articles
Total income: $252.78

30 articles
Total Income: $273.34

APRIL (Projection)
20 articles
Total Income: $302

Just this month I’ve cut my article writing goals down by 10 and will still make more money. Next month it should be the same – 20 articles – but still, the monthly income will grow. I was ambitious thinking I should write 60 articles in April – but that would mean 2 ore more articles a day, which really burns me out and leaves me no time for other online income opportunities.

So I cut down my article writing goals. I may still reach 30 articles, if I want, which will make that $302 jump an additional $20+, but for now, I’m comfortable writing 20 articles a month still earning more on a consistent basis.

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