Goal: To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Goal: To Learn Affiliate Marketing

I put up my first Affiliate Marketing Campaign the first week of April, 2010. The second week I saw a a good number of impressions, but low CTR, and with that, no sales. It was up for a week and today, I got back on the horse and tackled the world of Affiliate Marketing. But I still need Affiliate Marketing Help.

As a novice, I have only dipped into a few resources to get me started.

– The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords
– Affiliate Marketing on the Web
– Affiliate Millions

Buy these books here: (Amazon)

I also use ClickBank products as well as CBEngine to help me do some product research.

I’m trying to find a practical guide to Affiliate Marketing online (does anybody have an Affiliate marketing eBook?) that hand holds me through the ins and outs of researching ClickBank products, how to really maximize my Google AdWords campaigns, and tell me how much money I need budgeted to have a successful first month as an Affiliate Marketer.

Yes – I want to be told. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it!

I have set a budget of $500 a month and am (now) trying to be extremely aggressive with that budget. At the rate I was going, there was no way I would hit my budget, which, at first, felt ‘safe’, but safe isn’t going to get any sales. So I now want to maximize my daily budget and hit $16-$20 a day in clicks, which, positively, should relate in sales.

So today I researched two more products from ClickBank. I redid my first product by deleting the Ads I had already written, and created 3 new AdGroups with 2 Ads in each group, I split tested last week so I peeled and stuck them into their own Ad. Within an hour, the campaign had more clicks and a more keywords with a higher CTR than before. So, the work paid off – kinda. It still needs to relate in sales.

My new (2nd) Campaign just went up and I’m taking a break while my 3rd campaign’s keywords are going through an analysis. My 2nd campaign has 4 AdGroups with two ads per group (so I wrote 8 ads for that product). Already there have been 127 impressions, so my keywords are being searched but no clicks yet.

Where do I go from here?

Well, there’s no ‘set way’ to come up with great keywords and killer ad-copy. But today I did more of a brainstorming/keyword mapping session on paper.

So here’s my ‘”Beginner’s way to Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research”.

After I find a product I want to market…

  1. I visit the website, read as much as I can about the product while taking notes, and I use those notes as my initial set of keywords and keyword phrases.
  2. I start to write those keywords in the center of a piece of paper and start writing other keywords and phrases, that pop into my head, all around the initial keywords.
  3. I start to connect or map each keyword to a related keyword and I discover that I am coming up with ‘groups’ and several themes  – which then becomes individual AdGroups.
  4. Each AdGroup connects to different keywords – colored pens and pencils help me map it out more clearly.
  5. I type these keywords into a spreadsheet and use Google’s AdWords keyword Tool to look them up: for competition, search volume, and synonyms.
  6. I upload these keywords to the NicheRefinery to see what keywords would be hard to rank for if I were to do SEO for a webpage.

Now, I may be wrong on how I do Step 6, to analyze keywords, but this is the only way I know how to research keywords. I figure, if keywords and phrases are tough to rank for while building a webpage with SEO, then more people are using it and I would be competing for ad space against some heavy hitters with bigger budgets. So I find keywords that still, have income ‘potential’ for website SEO, and have a difficulty rating of 250 or less.

  1. I download all the keywords with a 250 difficulty rating or less and get rid of irrelevant keywords and phrases.
  2. I label each keyword with the AdGroup title I came up with during my brainstorming/keyword mapping session and sort by AdGroup

Here comes the fun part.

  1. I created an Excel Template that shows the name of the Campaign, each AdGroup, and under each AdGroup, at least 2 ads that will compete against each other.
  2. Each Ad will target the AdGroup theme, but have a different Title, and a different 2nd line and 3rd line description.  I enter them into the appropriate campaign, AdGroup, and Ads in Google AdWords. Both Ads within an AdGroup will have the same keywords and keyword phrases of course.
  3. Finally, when enough data comes through, I can split test each Ad, Peel & Stick high CTR keywords and create their own AdGroup or Ad with them, and by doing so, increase CTR and increase sales.

Yes, in theory, step 11 is the ultimate goal. To continue updating Ads by split testing them, Peel and Sticking high CTR keywords, with the ultimate goal of sales through my Google AdWords Campaigns!

So there you have it – ‘my’ beginners guide to a Google AdWords campaign, which, I have to state, may be the worst way to create a campaign! If there are any experts out there – please, I beg you – school me in the way of Affiliate Marketing so I can learn Affiliate Marketing and build better AdWords campaigns more efficiently and effectively!

Now, back to my 3rd AdWords campaign!

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