Do you want a lightning fast iPhone browser?

Do you want a lightning fast iPhone browser?


Wow… there have been over 1,000,000 (a million) downloads on its first day of release for this incredible browser for the iPhone. Released 4/12/2010. And when Glenn Magas dot com contributor, Steve Danlag, texted me about the new iPhone browser, the Opera Mini 5, I had to check it out.

It has only been lately that I’ve been a little frustrated with iPhone web browsing and started really anticipating the iPhone 4G (dubbed the iPhone HD – iPhone 4G release date pending).  My laptop is usually at my beck and call so I rarely rely on the iPhone browser.

Of course, the iPhone 3Gs is a faster browsing experience compared to the iPhone 3G, has a video camera and compass, but iPhone 3G users – there is an answer to your browsing problem. Yes, you can shoot video on the iPhone 3G, there is a compass available, and now – your browsing experience will be faster with the best web browser available for the iPhone.

The new web browser for your iPhone is called, Opera Mini Web Browser (Opera v5).  This will make the iPhone 3G web browsing experience faster, and the iPhone 3Gs even faster!

My first experience was frustrating: I downloaded Opera Mini and was immediately frustrated with its interface and left it for another day.

Well, yesterday was another day. I was sitting in the theater waiting for “How to train your Dragon” and had a lot of time to spare. I got my fill of popcorn and brought out the iPhone and decided, I’m going to give it a chance.

What a difference a new web browser makes. I was able to open links within a web page faster (without waiting for the page to fully load). I was able to ‘multi-task’ web pages as they would load simultaneously. Saving pages were easier and a single tap zoomed in.

What I was able to pull up in literally seconds would normally take a minute to do on Safari web browser. I had multiple pages I could tab to without stopping the loading process and they were all loading faster!

I had to put it to the test against another iPhone 3G so this morning I pitted my wife’s iPhone 3G to my iPhone 3G. Both on 3G network, both starting at Glenn Magas dot com.

Well, the results were phenomenal. I was at the home page faster, I was able to load another page, open a new tab to get to YouTube, another one for Twitter, another one for New York Times and the Safari browser was still struggling.

– Opera Mini uses Opera’s compression technology to speed up page loading which reduces Data transfer up to 90%!
-It is faster – even on 2G
-Open new web pages quick and easy
-Zoom, scroll, etc. – with no checker boarding or compromise
-Open links in new window

I was 3 pages deep into Glenn Magas Dot Com on the Opera Mini, when I was able to get a new link to open on the Safari Browser.

Safari on the left - Opera on the right (Opera goes 3 pages deep before Safari finishes loading 1st page)

If this does not convince me, or anyone else, to use Opera, I do not know what else I could say or do. It’s the fastest browsing experience I’ve had on my iPhone 3G ever!


If so – then you HAVE TO USE Opera Mini as your iPhone browser.

The embedded video here will do a comparison test with the iPhone 3Gs model. But from first hand experience, web browsing experience on the iPhone 3G with this new iPhone browser is incredible. I’ll tout it, ‘the best web browser for the iPhone.’

Incredible right? How can you NOT install it today?

Go here for more info and to get it FREE at the iTunes app store! Now you can have the fastest iPhone browser for your 3G browsing experience!

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