What do you think of the new Nike Tiger Woods commercial?

What do you think of the new Nike Tiger Woods commercial?

I’ll be honest – it was really hard for me to have an opinion on this. Was it good? Bad? Creepy? Over the line? Was it wrong? Right? A publicity stunt? My first impression was – wow. But that ‘wow’ was more, I can’t believe they did that, versus, that was great that they did that.

Nike is all about money. They always will be and they ‘knew’ how, unlike Acenture, to ‘bank’ on Tiger’s return instead of ‘canning’ him due to his infedility. Here’s where I have a big problem with companies like Accenture dumping on Tiger after his infidelity and where Nike was more ‘noble’ than most companies.

Accenture, if they have a married exec who is having an affair, would they fire him or her? Probably not. But since Tiger is in the public eye, he’s dropped. Business is business right? So Nike, suspending ads, etc. till Tiger’s return, played the right business and will continue to capitalize on Tiger’s name.

Smart. Smart. Smart.

Using the voice of Tiger’s dad from who knows where is just creepy. But, as you’ll see in the YouTube Video, a scolding that Nike could not do that Tiger’s father can.

Weird, odd, creepy? Great, awesome, wow… all of that.

I could care less about what Tiger did – what I care about is a dominate force in the world of Golf.  And I bet, with high odds, that there are other married Golfers on the PGA tour that are having affairs. Not all, but they aren’t all angels.

Watch the ad below. It about a week old – share your opinions. Personally, Nike… they got it right.

What do you think?

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