The China Quake’s Death Toll reaches 589

The China Quake’s Death Toll reaches 589

As of this afternoon, the death rate reached 589 after an initial count of 400 was announced this morning. It also injured thousands. This is incredible. From Haiti to China – what’s going on in the world!

I read that there are injured people everywhere. You just look around and someone is injured.  The earthquake caused a ton of damage – a dam was even cracked and workers frantically tried to prevent the outflow of water.

More than 10,000 people were injured and thousands left homeless – people are very scared. Imagine, we get scared after a tremor and there’s no damage and one or two people with minor injuries – this is 10,000 people who were injured!

I wonder how the relief efforts will be. Seems like we are sending relief efforts to natural disasters everywhere nowadays. It’s kinda sad – but uplifting that ‘we’ (Americans) can do so much.

Find a way to donate money – The Red Cross is your best bet. If you can – do what you can to help out!

If you pray – pray.

This is a sad day. It put me in a funk. I just thought I’d mention it.

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