I need Affiliate Marketing help!

I need Affiliate Marketing help!

Is there a secret to affiliate marketing? Am I going to make millions of dollars as an affiliate marketer? Well, I want to make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. I haven’t set a clear-cut goal on how much and by when, but I definitely know there is money to be made through affiliate marketing. That being said, I need affiliate marketing help!

I put off my affiliate marketing campaign till the first week of April (2010). Why? Because I was so busy building my blog, learning about ‘affiliates’, and reading books on affiliate marketing and AdWords. The number one step in Affiliate Marketing, from what I’ve read, is to just do it. It is a hands on experience and unfortunately, you may learn a lot through trial and error.

The only affiliate marketing resources that I have are the three books I’ve read.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords (purchase)
2. The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web (purchase)
3. Affiliate Millions (purchase)

Last week, despite a ton of personal obstacles, I managed to get my first Ad campaign up and running with a clickbank product through a Google AdWords campaign.  CTR = 0% with over 500 impressions.

Hmm… I can’t make a million dollars with a CTR of 0% can I? That’s a rhetorical question  – of course I can’t, that’s pretty darn obvious.

I reread The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords this morning and regained some confidence, created another Ad within the same campaign, and am doing some split tests.  The rest of the day I will be researching other products to market being careful to keep my daily budget managed. But considering a CTR of 0%, there really isn’t a hit to my daily budget is there?

April will be my Affiliate Marketing month.

February (my first month in Blogging and being a full time writer)
This month was all about setting up blogs, learning WordPress and plugins, site maps, Google advertising, content etc.

March (feeling like an experienced blogger already)
This month was all about learning SEO and the SEO process, editing blog posts with SEO, writing articles on SEO, and preparing for affiliate marketing. I capped the month with an email newsletter campaign and a $20 iTunes Gift Card giveaway.

April (the double my income month!)
This month I set a goal to double my March income. I need to make at least $800 this month. I need to focus on ad campaigns and seeing how it is to earn money off of a sale. Blog content always comes first, Helium articles may be limited to 20-30, but Affiliate Marketing campaigns is incredibly important!

So, my plea – I’m looking for affiliate marketing help, affiliate marketing resources, and affiliate marketing campaigns as I learn affiliate marketing. If you want to be succesful in life, you need to ask for help right? (Key to success in life – Ask for help)

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