The new iPhone 2010 – iPhone OS 4 includes multitasking

The new iPhone 2010

iPhone OS 4 includes Multitasking

With the new iPhone 4G release date still pending, one thing’s for sure, the new iPhone 2010 operating system (OS) will rock. Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced what he calls, “The next generation of THE MOST advanced mobile operating system in the world.” It’s the iPhone OS 4!

If you didn’t listen to his Keynote Presentation yesterday, you missed out. But that’s why I’m here – to share ‘some’ of the cool things that I learned from his presentation.

The most standout feature, for an iPhone owner’s perspective is not the incredible opening of 1500 APIs for developers, it is the 100 new user features, most notably, multitasking!

Whew, finally! With the iPad out and no multitasking, Apple’s new iPhone OS 4 will allow iPhone owners to multitask! What does this mean for iPad owners? Well,  multitasking is coming, we just don’t know when.

Some of the new user features will be:
iPod Playlists
5x digital zoom camera
Tap to focus
Geo tagging
Change home screen wallpaper
Blue tooth keyboard capabilities
Creating folders for specific apps
Gift apps


As Apple recognizes how big ‘gaming’ is, there will be a social gaming network – much like Xbox Live but on your iPhone.


What Steve Jobs and the accompanying guests (which included Pandora founder, and Skype product development) focused on was mult-tasking – and through the demonstrations presented, mult-tasking is quite, lets put it, awesome! They used demonstrations on Pandora, Skype, TomTom and Loopt, as well as other iPhone apps, like email, internet, iTunes, TapTap, etc.

Lets take a step back on the multitasking and the new OS 4 for a minute to really appreciate how Apple has turned mobile phones and mobile comuting into the life and blood of our lives.

First, the Apple iPad tablet.

250,000 iBooks were purchased in the first 24 hours of the iPad’s release on April 3, 2010. 600,000 iBooks have been downloaded through yesterday, April 8.

There are over a million iPad applications available and 3.5 million were downloaded since the iPad’s release.

The iTunes App Store has had 4 billion apps downloaded and has 185,000 apps available, 3,500 of those are iPad apps.

Are these incredible numbers? That’s a lot of iPhone users isn’t it?

And get this, the iPhone owns 64% of US browsing usage. All other mobile phone systems don’t even total 50% if the browsing usage combined!

There have been 50 million iPhones sold and 35 million iTouch units sold.

We have three iPhones in the house right now. An inactive 2G (used by my son only as an iTouch), and two active 3G models. Here’s another testament to my household – I have been a PC user for years. I switched over to my first Mac laptop in June 2009 and will never look back. I have a PowerMacG4, an iMac, I’ve purchased to 13” MacBooks in 2009 and I just purchased a 15” MacBook Pro just last week. I’m typing on an Apple Wireless Keyboard and navigating with an Apple Magic Mouse.

There is only one PC in my house – a Dell Laptop that has about 43 viruses on it and will cost $200 to wipe it clean and to install a new OS.

The iMac, and MacBook’s have not seen a bad day and are operating as efficiently as day one. The G4, nearly 10 years old, is still working fine – unfortunately its OS is not upgradable to Snow Leopard and can’t work on my Wireless Router. Other than that, I can still perform many functions on it till I figure out a way to get it back online.

Enough about my Apple obsession and back to the iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking.

Why is multitasking so significant? Well, Apple decided to do it right. Their claim is that there will be ‘no loss of battery power’ and ‘no loss of productivity’. In simple terms, multitasking, like it normally does, will drain your battery. And with several apps running at the same time, performance usually is slower. Apple claims they solved this issue.

The User Interface, as demonstrated, is incredibly simple. Just double tap the Home Button and a dock pops up at the bottom of the iPhone screen – much like the doc on your Mac. Click the app you want to switch to and you don’t have to worry about loading the app you were currently on. You can toggle from emails, to Pandora, answer a call on Skype and make a purchase in the iTunes store. All with apps running in the background.


Ok people, here’s the downfall. For iPhone 3G users, yes, you can upgrade from OS 3.1x to OS 4.0, but multitasking will not be available. iPhone 2G, you are out of luck – no upgrade for you. From what I’ve read and heard, the other features will be available for the iPhone 3G, but not multitasking. There just isn’t enough RAM on the iPhone 3G to handle it.

But, if you are like me, you are coming to the end of your iPhone AT&T contract just in time. June 22, 2010 will be the announcement of the iPhone 4G release date, or most recently dubbed, the iPhone HD release date!

Here’s my suggestion. Buy your Apple iPad Tablet today. That way, you can start saving money for the new iPhone 2010 model- the iPhone HD with OS 4.0!

You can watch the Keynote Presentation on the “iPhone OS 4” here if you want:

Watch it here: Keynote Presentation

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