Apple iPad Review and iPad Price Dilemma

Apple iPad Review and iPad Price Dilemma

I had my hands on the best tablet pc on the market yesterday. After writing a review on iPad killers (read it here), I still am an Apple enthusiast and believe that yes, the iPad tablet is the best tablet pc out there. Well, to be fair – its one of the few that are out there ‘right now’. That being said, I have a quick iPad review from playing with it yesterday.

No, this is not ‘techie’ review, and I’m not going to get into all the specs, you can read that everywhere. I’m going to just get into the five minute relationship I built with the iPad tablet. This iPad review is not ‘glowing’ but it is not ‘scouring’.

Here’s the gist – I had my hands on the iPad, I had money in my pocket, but I did not pull the  trigger – yet. Here’s why.

I’m still not sure on the iPad price.

At first touch it seemed very unassuming. The iPad felt lighter than I expected but also felt bigger than I expected. The device itself was not what felt bigger – it was the keypad.

The Keypad

Those are some big keys! I’m so used to the iPhone keyboard and while looking at the iPad keyboard, I was a little overwhelmed. I tried typing on it like a regular keypad but that didn’t work. I think its meant for two finger typing. If you are carrying it, you’ll have to put it on the table to use two hands to type, or use your lap. The keyboard is something I would have to really get used to. I can type quite quickly on my iPhone with my thumbs. The iPad, unless its rested on something, I don’t expect to type that fast with one finger.

The Internet

Getting your cursor into position was weird. It just didn’t happen. I don’t know why. I didn’t spend much time on the Internet – I just went to Glenn Magas dot Com to see if it would load. And it did – reasonably fast with Wi-Fi at the Apple Store in Glendale, CA.


Okay, here’s where I got a little frustrated. YouTube on my phone is fine. YouTube playing on the iPad wasn’t. I tried a couple of YouTube videos and they did NOT play smooth. And this was Wi-Fi. Imagine the iPad on 3G! It would suck! It could just be the time of day, there were a ton of people playing with all the iPad tablets, and there were one-on-ones going on, so maybe, bandwidth was a little bit maxed. That being said, 3G – forget it.


Wow – This is a great way to display pictures. You know those picture albums with digital photos, this is the Ferarri version. You can store a bunch of pictures, create sideshows of the ‘event’ you want, and really, the clarity and the ‘wow’ factor on the display can really get you. A photographer can use this as his or her portfolio, models, actors, whomever, can carry it around to showcase their shots – this is a tool the show off your pictures! My big question – can you load Aperture projects into the iPad if you are an Aperture user versus an iPhoto user!

Apple iPad features - iBooks


I have a Nook. I love my Nook. I’m not impressed with reading a book without E Ink. It would kill my eyes spending hours reading books. It kills my eyes spending time in front of my computer screen! The presentation of the books, yes, of course, extremely nice. The font choices weren’t. I like small fonts, and the two choices from small or big, they were both pretty big (I didn’t delve further to see if there were smaller fonts). It felt like a paragraph per page. Psychologically, moving from page to page to me means you are accomplishing something. But that something means to be reading good strong copy per page. The text was so big, the pages felt like paragraphs and reading pages of this would feel like nothing was accomplished!  On a regular 250 page book, it would be like reading 2,000 pages!


This is what got me. I’m a big baseball fan. I am a big Fantasy Baseball Manager. And the MLB 2010 app was sitting there, tempting me, saying, you need this iPad to watch a game, and to stay up-to-date on scores immediately. That app is meant for me to enjoy baseball to its fullest. That being said, if I’m ‘on-the-go’ and wanting to watch MLB, I’ll need 3G or I’d have to find a hotspot. I hate managing my team from my iPhone. So many times my changes never go through! Its frustrating. But if I have to, and I am at a Wi-Fi hotspot, I’d be a fantasy sports fanatic with the iPad tablet in my hands!

When its all said and done it was only five minutes. That’s really NOT enough to experience the iPad tablet. But it is enough to say – I made a wise decision to wait. The only question now is, if I do purchase the iPad tablet, which non 3G version should I get? 16gb or 32gb?

64gb is out of the question. I am not going to load it with a ton of movies, nor will I load it with a ton of music. I have my iPhone for music, and if anything, I’ll stream Netflix into the iPad and watch movies – mostly at home.

I will definitely buy some from iTunes – but it has to be a movie my kids will watch, or a movie I have to watch. Man, if I had the money, I’d buy the iPad for both the kids – that way they’d have a DVD player in the car and can watch whatever they want, play whatever games they want, or read whatever they want!

That being said, I truly believe that the iPad tablet will change computing. Imagine, a minivan full of kids, each with an iPad watching the movie they want, playing a game if they choose, or reading a book. THIS is why the Apple iPad is leading the way in technology! If APPLE USES THIS COMMERCIAL IDEA – THEY STOLE IT FROM ME!

What should it be? 16GB or 32GB? I have yet to use 16 GB on my iPhone. Will I store more files on the iPad than my iPhone? Is another $100 for an additional 16GB worth it? Or will it be a waste of space?

So there you have it – my Apple iPad review. Five minutes with an iPad should have been enough shouldn’t it? If it was the ‘end all’ media device, that 5 minutes and I would’ve been sold. Well, I was sold – I just didn’t know which one to buy!

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