iPad Killer – Qu’est-ce que c’est? Is the iPad the best tablet pc?

iPad Killer – Qu’est-ce que c’est?
Is the iPad the best tablet pc?

How old am I if I’m making a Talking Heads reference to their song “Psycho Killer”? Young people go to iTunes and download it.  But with all the iPhone killer talk, Kindle and Nook portable eBook reader killer talk, well, there is actually iPad Killer talk!  The question now becomes, what is the best tablet pc?

Is the iPad tablet the best tablet pc? Probably not. Is the iPhone the best cellular phone? Probably not. Most Apple enthusiasts will say, yes it (they) are. But lets put some out there for fodder.  If it’s not about the ‘brand’ but about the performance, price, and overall media experience, here are three iPad killer tablet pcs!

If you don’t want to be a part of this whole confusing battle between tablet pcs, take heed to the lyrics by Talking Heads (replacing Psycho with iPad of course).

iPad Killer
Qu’est-ce que c’est?
fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
Run run run run run run run away

Thanks David Byrne!

If you didn’t run run run away, and are a smart consumer, then you are in the ‘market’ for a tablet pc and not just ‘sold’ on hype and the Apple trademark!

So here are 3 alternatives to tablet computing:

The iPad killers:

In the red corner, standing at 11.8”x7.5”x.6” is…
ICD Gemini

In Chris Davies article, “ICD Gemini prototype gets hands-on: buggy but promising, coming Summer 2010” he references the ICD Gemini having a “lovely, sharp widescreen display”.  The NVIDA Tegra 2 chipset should be a “more potent experience than you’d find on the iPad”.

Engadget reports that the ICD Gemini is “The most complete tablet we’ve seen yet”.

Engadget puts a side-by-side spec comparison to the ICD Gemini, the iPad, and another “iPad Killer”, the JooJoo. (ICD Gemini). Check it out!

Here’s what stands out: HD Video, Flash Support and camera with a 40 watt hours replaceable battery. None of which are close to iPad tablet specs with the iPad having only a 25 watt hours non-replaceable battery.

The ICD Gemini only has 4GB of storage but has up to 32GB configurable storage with an SD drive.

Downfall – App store: “optional”. What’s optional mean?

This is definitely an iPad killer if there is one. But I can hear Apple enthusiasts saying, well, it’s too big – the iPad tablet is the perfect size.

And in the blue corner, standing at 12.8”x7.8”x.7” is…
The JooJoo

Lets move on to the JooJoo – another iPad silent assassin. Will you hear about The JooJoo and the ICD Gemini much? Probably not. But lets take a look at the good things that make it rock:

HD Video – yes. Flash Support – yes.  Camera – yes. That’s a TKO right there. But wait, The JooJoo has nothing to brag about with its 5 hr, non-replaceable battery life.

It also only has 4GB storage and get this – NO app store.

The JooJoo website highlights how fast it is to get online. Boasting 9 seconds to get up and running and on the internet stating that PCs can take up to 2 minutes to power on and get online and smart phones up to 30 seconds to do the same. Nice feature, but is that all it has?

The standout so far on these two silent iPad killers is 1080p support.  More on that later.

More on The JooJoo: website.

Finally, hovering over head, standing at 9.21”x5.7”x.57” is the…
The HP Slate

1080p keeps standing out on the spec sheets of these three iPad killers. Why would, a media device like the Apple iPad neglect such a necessity as they proclaimed the iPad tablet as an incredible media experience? Well, the three iPad killers can ‘handle’ 1080p. Yes, you can watch HD movies on the iPad, but what are people buying now? 1080p televisions or 720p? Why are they jumping to 1080p when most consumers can’t tell the difference?

The HP Slate is, by far, “A Full Media Experience” and if there is an iPad killer around the corner, it is the HP Slate.

Does it have a camera? Yes, and its better than the ICD Gemini or The JooJoo – 3mp vs 2mp for the other models.

Remember when, before the iPad tablet release date announcement, everyone was talking about how great ‘tele’ and video conferencing will be on the iPad tablet? And as we know now, forget about it (for now)! Well, the HP Slate will have the 3mp camera on the back panel and VGA web cam on the front panel. You can use the front camera to video chat using services like Skype.

If we just talked about specs prior to the tablet pc wars, you’d think that the HP Slate was what everyone was talking about being the Apple “iSlate”!

Here’s a great little tease on the HP Slate:

For more info on the HP Slate, check out: “HP Slate Specifications, Price Detales Leaked” By Techtree news staff

Okay, I know those who are all about the iPhone and bought the iPad will always be all about the iPad and nothing else. That’s just the way it is.  The three iPad Killers all have two things in common – they are all 1080p and are less than $599.

I believe for most – it will all be a matter of preference and not specs. Apple lovers will stick to the iPad tablet, PC lovers have options like they’ve always had.

I prefer BMW over Mercedez. I prefer Canon over Nikon. I prefer Dell over Toshiba, and I prefer Apple over Dell and Toshiba. The question on those specific things would be, which is better – neither – they are all based on preference.

That being said, I had a conversation with a “New-Media Content Director” who, as he says, is “emerging himself with new technology and gadgets that would definitely INCLUDE the iPad!”

He stated that he couldn’t wait to watch online series and content on the bigger iPad screen.

I mentioned the possibility of the iPhone HD and he says the iPhone HD does nothing for him. He ‘Saw no purpose for HD at that small palm size. No sense. Larger format HD is where it’s at… and where it will be going.”

Okay, here’s the thing. He’ll probably get the iPad tablet and NOT the aforementioned iPad Killers with bigger screens and 1080p HD video.  One reason he would probably give is that 1080p makes no sense on such a small screen.

He makes a ton of sense, even if I did make the argument for him. So I put up that argument – 1080P on a 9”-12” display? Really? Does it matter? Maybe Apple knows what they are doing right? Why improve resolution when it makes no difference either way?

The question is – when is small too small and when is big too big? Larger format HD is where it is – I have a 42” HD TV in my living room. Small palm sized HD format is where it is going – the battle goes on with the “ultra portable tablet pcs”: like the iPhone HD, Nokia N86, and Droid!

The tablet pc wars will continue. The Smart Phone with high MP cameras and OLED and HD displays will continue. Media content director or not – I’m all for the Apple iPad because I know it will work out its ‘kinks’ and be the best tablet pc on the market! I also believe that the BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine on the market – at least till the lease is up!

iPad Killer… what is it? Nothing’s killed the iPhone yet.

Thanks for reading!

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