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Someone asked me the other day, “So what? You make money writing? Online?” Uh, yeah. I know its not glamorous, its not a movie script or a book, but yes, I do make money writing and I make it online. Basically, I earn income online through my writing! It’s awesome!


Well, it started on August 17, 2009. I was tired of being a writer and not writing. A full time job really got in the way of screenwriting or novel writing. I’ve had a couple of screenplays under my belt, a few even made the rounds in screen competitions and did well, but I never really got past that hump.

Life got in the way, so-to-speak.

Wanting to write wasn’t all about writing an award winning screenplay, it was just this undying desire to write! I’ve blogged for many years, wrote in journals off and on, but nothing really served ‘a purpose’ as they say.

And that’s when I found How did I find it? I think I googled, ‘make money writing online’ or something. I read about websites that payed you to write – and I as soon as I found, I signed up. The concept of earning income online through writing really turned me on.

I printed all the “help” pages and read about writing stars, rating stars, upfront payments, and I dialed in. It made sense, it was easy, it was simple, it was fun! And I wrote my first article, “Deep Breathing and its Health Benefits”, followed by, “Why is listening more important than speaking?” and “Diet Soft Drinks vs Water”. I wrote these articles all in one afternoon, and in a day or so, watched them grow to about five cents. That’s $0.05 US. And that’s the most money I made writing in a long time!  Believe me, I was ecstatic. It wasn’t $50, it wasn’t $100, but what it was – proof that it worked!

Validation was key – if a website said I can make money writing online, and I actually did, even if it was just pennies, they were telling the truth.

Two days later I wrote a hit article, “Favorite Beers”. Why was it a hit? Well, immediately after I wrote it it ranked #1. Sometimes it drops down to #6, but most of the time its ranked #1 out of 30 articles right now.

See, there was validation that I was able to write. Helium peers rank articles in order to get their articles read and ranked as well. If an article is ranked #1-#5, you are probably guaranteed the most views. The most views means more shared revenue in advertising. And as of today, my writing score is around 79%. Which is pretty good. It means that my articles are ranked in the 79th percentile on average. If there are 5 articles, I’m ranked #1. If there are 100, I’m ranked in the top 20.

Since August 17th, I’ve written a total of 247 articles. 12 of those are creative writing articles which have a writing score of 82%. Most of the 247 articles are business related, SEO, Career, Leadership, etc.

In total, as of today, I’ve earned approximately $1195.00 writing for They pay out after your earnings hit $25. In March I made approximately $6.80 a day in ad-sharing. This month, I’m averaging $8.20/day in ad-sharing after 6 days. And I write about 30-40 upfront articles a month that pay $2/article.

In August 2009, if I did not believe what I read – that you can make money writing online – I would not be making money writing online.

Today, I write for 3 different blogs, I still write for, so I am building income sources from 4 different places – all by making money writing online. If you are interested in how to maximize an opportunity like, stay tuned – I’m putting together a “How To” guide that will help you maximize your efforts as an online writer.

If you want to make money writing in order to earn income online, I have helpful hints and tips. If I had someone to guide me when I started I wouldn’t have felt so lost and helpless. I found things out through my own research and by accident – trial and error. Unfortunately, I’ve shared these hints and tips with other writers who wanted to make money writing online. But they, like I, felt overwhelmed by the whole process and they quit before they even started.

Making money doesn’t come easy. It takes work and a commitment to succeed. Those who quit before they started are still making what they were making before they quit – nothing, zero, nada. Funny, if they started and never quit, they’d have an extra thousand bucks in their pocket if they wanted it. Enough to buy – you guessed it – an iPad.

Check my articles out at (HungryHungryWriter). If you want to learn more about it and join, let me give you an invite, that way you can be a referred writer. If you’re a referred writer, especially by me, I have a vested interest in teaching you to be a top ranked writer at and teach you how to make money writing online!

Email me if you want more info and a sign up link!

Thanks for reading!

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