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Make your iPhone a “SMART” phone

Do you want to know the key to success? Be “SMART” when setting goals. Seriously! If you do not know what that means it means to set goals that are: S- Specific, M- Measuarable, A- Achieveable, R- Relevant, and T- Time specific. Taking steps to improve your life means finding goal setting programs to follow, commit and stick to and by doing so, you will have success in life!I’ve been looking for a good goal setting template, worksheet or application that I can use to keep me on track. There are many out there but one I found caters to those iPhone users out there whose lives revolve around their phone.

Funny how phones out there are now called, “SMART” phones – well, how smart are they? If you can really use your iPhone (or other ‘smart phone’) to get you on track to improve your life, you are, well, being “SMART” (in more ways than one).

Achieving personal success is determined by your commitment to set goals, and to do something every day to achieve them. Well, this app from the iPhone store will assist you. It’s called, “The Habit Factor (Daily Habits and Goals Tracker)” $3.99 The website:

“The Habit Factor” is praised by top coaches and trainers internationally! It is the number 1 goals and habits app in iTunes since its intro in 2009 (June). So it’s an app that you can have confidence in and use, on a daily basis, to achieve goals and to improve your life!

With “The Habit Factor” you can set a specific goal. Make sure you are “SMART” with this goal. As an example, one of my goals is to write a “How To eBook”. This eBook will be a book for new bloggers to learn about blogging. It is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to my Glenn Magas dot com website, and time specific.

Why is it all of these?

Well, it is specific because I know exactly what I want to write. It is measurable because I can check my status daily to see what I’ve done – and if I commit to do something at a certain time, I know I can make it achievable and time specific – finish by a specific date.

I can use all these things on being a SMART goal setter and “The Habit Factor” will guide me daily as a daily task list and reminder of the habits I need to form in order to achieve my goal!

Here are some screen shots of my eBook goal:

This is an incredible app to use. Once you get up in the morning, check your tasks/habits, and continue on the road to success in order to improve your life, it does become a habit – a good habit. You will accomplish more, and have a fulfilling life. For $3.99, you can keep on track and achieve more things! Isn’t it worth it?

For $3.99 you can start creating good habits, have success in life, and improve your life immediately! Skip your vanilla latte at Starbucks and get this app! “The Habit Factor (Daily Habits and Goals Tracker)!”

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