iPhone 4G release date; or is it the iPhone HD? Or both?

iPhone 4G release date; or is it the iPhone HD? Or both?

Rumors are flying – the iPhone 4G is really going to be called the iPhone HD. And Apple will announce the iPhone 4G release date (or iPhone HD release date) on June 22, 2010. The availability? Could be well into the holiday season (if you want a Verizon iPhone)! But what is it? An iPhone HD or an iPhone 4G?

(iPhone 4 release date update: 6/24/2010)

Well, the speculation on the iPad tablet was that it was going to be the iSlate. So I won’t be surprised if Apple comes up from behind us and offers us an HD iPhone! Then again – maybe they will throw two phone choices our way this summer 2010!

More rumors are coming to the forefront on the iPhone HD, or iPhone 4G specs. Here are a few – for details visit (gadgetsdna.com).

Picture by macpredictions.com

-Going from small to big! A 960×640 Screen Resolution

Wow – a 960×640 Screen Resolution iPhone HD? From 480×320 on the current iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs versions – that’s huge! I say they surprise us with a OLED iPhone 4G!

-iPad’s got nothing on the iPhone HD – “Expose Like” Multitasking

Oh Apple iPad – if only you were multitasking – I may have stayed up all night to buy you. But I bought a MacBook Pro instead! But I am due for a new phone and if its not a Nokia 86, its going to be an “Expose Like” iPhone HD!

-Who needs a “camera-camera” anymore? Front facing camera

Looks like Apple is going to run all the portable video cams and point and shoot cameras out of the market!  If so, the next generation iPhone is truly a ‘smart phone’ that does all-in-one media! Can it match the 8MP Nokia N86 Camera phone? That remains to be seen.

-We’ve been waiting – but we might wait a tiny bit longer – Verizon CDMA network compatibility

We’ve waited patiently for a Verizon iPhone! Could the iPhone HD really be the one that leads the way away from AT&T? I sure hope so! If so, two versions will be made – one for Verizon CDMA network and one for standard GSM. Lets make a guess – the Verizon one will be called the iPhone 4G. The other – iPhone HD. What do you think?

-I thought the Magic Mouse was due to the iPhone? But the new iPhone may have Magic Mouse Features

For those who are still using ‘regular mice’ or Apple users using the Apple Might Mouse, you are missing out on the incredible functionality, feel, and look of the Apple Magic Mouse! If the iPhone HD has a touch panel display much like the Apple Magic Mouse that’s awesome! Watch sales of the Apple Magic Mouse increase.

-802.11n Wi-Fi standard

I guess this is good news right?

-Who needs an iPad now when you can have a MacBook in a phone?

32 GB? Titanium casing? OLED? GPS? Front Camera for Chat? Removal Battery?  Wait – sounds like what the iPad should have been! But this is an iPhone!

I definitely am more excited for the next generation iPhone with these iPhone specs than I was with the Apple iPad tablet! Where there was doubt in my mind about getting an iPad tablet, there is no doubt in my mind I will be purchasing the iPhone HD or iPhone 4G. Call it what you may, but either way – this phone could change the way we compute. The iPad – I’m thinking more like its just a big iTouch like everyone says.

For more info and details on the above iPhone HD specs, visit: iPhone 4G dubbed iPhone HD Specifications, Features and More

More info on the iPhone HD: WSJ: Apple ‘developing new iPhone,’ plus another for Verizon

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edit: 4/28/2010: (UPDATED iPHONE RELEASE DATE)

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