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With the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD rumors heating up, I’m tempted to just let my money sit in my pocket before I decide on a new phone or an iPad tablet. But I’d love to share others opinions in the comment section.

That being said, with all the positive things people are saying about the iPad tablet, I just might have to buy one soon! But really, is the iPad for you or me? Maybe this survey will help trigger your decision if you are on the fence like me!

Cut and paste these question and answer them in the comment section. When I get enough I’ll repost a summary of the answers! Of course, the WiFi version is the only one out, so the questions related to the 3G are N/A for now!

Thanks – oh, and for another iPad hot topic please read this: Hot Topic: “iPad Killer – Qu’est-ce que c’est? Is the iPad the best tablet pc?”

Apple iPad Tablet Survey

What did you get? WiFi or WiFi + 3G? Also 16GB/32GB/64GB?

Why did you get that version?

If you got the 3G, what data plan are you getting? (None/250mb/unlimited)

Did you get a case for your iPad?

Will you buy the keyboard dock?

So, is it awesome?

Those who were saying it was just a big iTouch, is it far from being a big iTouch?

What software are you using or anticipate using?

What is your main use? Internet, movies, books?

What is your main computer?

What do you use on that computer?

Does this replace anything you do on that computer?

How is the Internet connectivity? (WiFi and/or 3G)

You bought one, that being said – is the price point right on the money or too high?

Considering most Apple products are pricey, most say its worth it (MacBook Pro/iPhone, etc.), is the iPad ‘worth it’?

What would you like to see done in the first OS upgrade that it really needs? (Example Cut on Paste on the iPhone)

What are the chances that you will buy the next generation of the iPhone (dubbed: the iPhone 4G or the iPhone HD)?

Your rating on the iPad (1 out of 10 with 10 being best):

Thanks for taking the survey!

Hot Topic: “iPad Killer – Qu’est-ce que c’est? Is the iPad the best tablet pc?”

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