iPad review – 5 Reasons to buy an Apple iPad tablet (and 5 reasons why you shouldn’t)

iPad review
5 Reasons to buy an Apple iPad tablet
and 5 reasons why you shouldn’t!

by Richard Lawrence Jr.

Richard Lawrence is back and now he gives you
5 reasons why you should OR should not buy an Apple iPad tablet!
Read his first iPad tablet review here: “Is the iPad for you?

While visiting the Apple Store in Pasadena, CA the other day to investigate an issue with my iPhone, I got into conversation with the Mac Genius assisting me. Not surprisingly the conversation turned to Apple’s forthcoming iPad tablet, which will make its debut this weekend, and whether or not I would be ordering up mine ASAP. The official iPad release date is April 3 for initial preorders.

The iPad tablet is Apple’s first foray into tablet computing. And the tablet computing wars are really heating up. HP and Dell are both poised to introduce tablet computing devices this year along with lesser known companies. However the idea of a tablet computer is not new; we have had different implementations of tablet computers in the past, unfortunately they seemed to be ‘keyboardless’ iterations of existing laptop/notebook computers and have never really caught on.

Apple thinks they’ve solved the tablet pc – Maybe they’re right.

For starters, the iPad tablet is not a ‘keyboardless MacBook’. Instead it uses a version of software similar to iPhone and iPod Touch. While it may seem simplistic to label the iPad a giant iPod Touch, there is a relative amount of truth to that statement and frankly it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

In many ways iPhone and iPod Touch have put computers into the hands of people without people realizing they’re carrying around the most personal of personal computers. With the iPad tablet, apple takes this brand of personal computing to the next level.

However, that doesn’t mean the iPad tablet is for everyone. After all, it lacks some key features such as the ability to print, load files directly from external devices, or a webcam. I don’t think the lack of these will hinder the Apple iPad all that much, but they could be important. Apple has already addressed the lack of a physical keyboard with an external dockable one. They also have an accessory that will allow you to load images from your digital camera’s memory card.

That being said, here are five reasons why you should or should not buy an iPad. Let’s start with why you shouldn’t buy one.

5 Reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy an iPad tablet:

Reason number 5:

You already have a portable computer. Chances are you may already have a portable computer in the house, why on earth do you need another? Is that five pound behemoth so unwieldy you need a forklift to transport it?

Reason number 4

You can’t fit in your pocket. One distinct feature of the iPhone or iPod Touch (as well other smartphone and PDAs) is that they easily fit into your pocket. They’re inconspicuous when you want them to be but have become quite indispensable with their wide array of features. It’s already noted that the iPad tablet will not do much more than your standard PDA and I don’t think they make cargo pants with pockets big enough to fit one – at least not yet.

Reason number 3

Apple’s walled garden: Unlike your PC, you just won’t be able to install any old software on your iPad tablet computer – you’re forced to go through Apple’s app store on iTunes. Sure going through iTunes probably prevents you from getting viruses and guarantees a headache-free environment, but there’s always that one piece of software Apple refuses to approve that you’re positive would make your life perfect… Bastards!

Reason number 2

Where’s the Flash? We all know Steve Jobs knows best, right? So why complain? After all we don’t care about those empty spaces on web pages or the fact that we may never be able to use services such as streaming Netflix or Hulu on our iPad tablet. But I’m not bitter.

Reason number 1

No multitasking. Now it’s one thing not to have multitasking on a handheld device with a small screen, but on a 9.7 inch screen it seems ridiculous that I won’t be able to read a webpage and chat on Meebo at the same time. OK, sure Apple allows you to keep iTunes running in the background, but what if I want to view my friend’s photo album on Facebook while listening to the baseball game on MLB At-Bat? Apple has said I’m SOL.

Ouch! That was a bit rough, no? I’m sure Steve Jobs will quickly get over it. Besides for every reason not to buy an iPad tablet, there is a compelling one waiting to be voiced.

Here are the five reasons you should get an iPad tablet as soon as possible.

Reason number 5

The Apple iPad takes the computer out of computing. Sure the iPad tablet is a computer but I’m willing to bet after a few minutes of playing with one, you’ll soon forget it. No root directories to contend with. No drivers to install. No keyboard. No wires. There are a lot of things missing from this tablet computer and that may be one of its strongest suits. Everything that is missing makes it seem like less of a computer and more of a natural extension of us.

Reason number 4

It is the ultimate home entertainment device. The iPad tablet merges so many things into one device; it’s hard to believe it can all be done successfully. But every indication points to iPad tablet as quite adept at many things. Watch movies and TV shows, read books and magazine, surf the web, read email, play games… The list goes on.

Reason number 3

It actually has a serious side. The large 9.7-inch screen makes the Apple iPad a great tool for businesses. Imagine going to the doctor’s office and using it to fill out forms. Stores could use them as portable terminals or as less expensive kiosks. It’s already believed school districts will begin to hand them out to students. The iPad tablet has the potential to revolutionize the textbook industry. And don’t forget, Apple has already made versions of their iWork Office suite available (and there are rumors we could see a version of MS Office as well) and the dock connector supports external monitors.

Reason number 2

Apple’s walled garden. One the best reasons not to get an iPad is also one of the best reasons you should not be without one. The app store is amazing. While the iPad is not necessarily intended to be a standalone pc, you certainly could get away with owning just an iPad and nothing more. After all with cloud computing services such as Apple’s own me.com, Google docs, and the dropbox, there are fewer reasons why must absolutely own and/or maintain a PC or full-featured notebook computer.

Reason number 1

Apple magic. Need I say more? The Apple iPad tablet has the potential to be a game changer that brings a new approach to tablet computers and the computing world as we know it.

If you like to tinker with your machine – make modifications of varying degrees, there will be no magic. But if you just want things to work with as little set-up and hassle as possible, the iPad tablet is definitely for you.

Thanks for reading!

Richard Lawrence Jr.

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