Blogging Tools – Google Docs

Blogging Tools – Google Docs

So what software do I use when I blog? Well, I usually write all my blog entries and articles on MS Word or’s Writer word processor. But if I’m at a ‘borrowed’ computer or public computer like at the Mac Store, Library, or a friend’s house, I will pull up Google Docs and write what I need to write. As a blogger, there are so many online based blogging tools that you can use you sometimes don’t even need your own computer.

Google Docs allows me to, at any time, write, edit, and eventually copy and paste my articles. For simple formatting, for composing a document that I can share with multiple people, Google Docs does it for me.

In its simplest form, Google Docs is an ‘amped’ up version of a basic text editor. If you need to, you can create paragraph ‘styles’, use different fonts and font sizes, highlight, create hyperlinks, bullets and basic page formatting: 1.5 spaced paragraph, double space, etc.

A table can also be inserted into the document and there is also a spell checker.

For a no-nonsense text editor that you can access any of your documents from any computer that has Internet access, Google Docs is a convenient, and extremely easy to use ‘word processor’.

From my MacBook (another one of my key blogging tools), I took a picture with PhotoBooth and uploaded it as a thumbnail image. So everything I’m doing right now is through Google Docs – in fact, I can create a webpage for this particular post with a unique address, and/or upload this document straight to my blog!

Personally, I cut and paste the text it into my blog then upload the thumbnail picture.

I’ve been blogging full time for almost two full months now. As I learn more and more about blogging, I’ve come to realize that there are so many blogging tools available online (for free) that make the blogging life easier! Its important to, if you want to be efficient and effective, utilize all the available ‘free’ blogging tools out there! By doing so, you can blog from anywhere in the world at any time.

Try Google Docs and upload your copy right to your blog: From Blogger to WordPress – Google Docs is the perfect blogging tool!

Oh yeah – tough long day today… Blogging while watching American Idol on TV. It’s past midnight. Yawn.

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