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Blogging from the Apple Store

Yes, I’m back at it – blogging on an Apple MacBook Pro at the Apple Store in the Glendale Galleria. Oh, and here’s a cool fact: The Apple Store in the Glendale Galleria is the world’s first Apple Store! Cool huh? Ok, back to blogging: Why am I blogging at the Apple Store? Let me ask you a question. Have you ever used a 13” laptop? It is small!

That being said, the 13” Apple MacBook that I have (white) is a great laptop! But I did not know I would be on it 10+ hours a day – and I am. I bought it as my laptop to browse the Internet, do some writing on it from time to time, and upload/edit pictures from my point and shoot. But the 13″ Apple MacBook has become – my life!

It’s not an occasional article here in there on my 13” Apple MacBook. I write over 70 articles a month and am on the computer from 7AM till midnight on some days. What am I saying? I’m on 7AM till midnight on MOST days!

I always have multiple windows open at one time, I have to use Expose and Spaces to keep things organized, and it gets extremely crowded on my desktop! It is incredibly tedious, and frustrating with all these windows open on a small 13″ screen!

Not only an I uploading pictures, I upload a ton of picture from my Canon SLR and have to edit, colorize in some cases, and ‘fix’ the picture! It was a small process that has turned into a full blown post editing process now!

So here I am, testing out the 15” Apple MacBook Pro. I started out on the 17” but thought it was too large to be convenient. Yes, spacious, but I’ll reserve that for a desktop if I get one. On to the 15” Apple MacBook Pro!

I’m testing it out. I’m giving it a full ride right now. I’m setting up Expose and Spaces. I have a couple of Safari windows open. I’m running a Keyword Analysis on The Niche Refinery for some SEO keywords. I have iTunes open, iPhoto open, PhotoBooth is open and hold on…


I just took a picture!Cool!

As I work I’m just acting like a normal day at home. I’m writing in Google Docs with the intent to copy and paste my article into my blog. I have a couple of Safari tabs up and just to get some window layering, I have a few Safari Windows open.

Getting to them is so much easier. I can see them extremely well. With Expose and Space all set up I can easily [fn]+[F9] and see the windows. A simple [Command]+[Tab] and I’m at iPhoto. Another and I’m back here.

I moved the Dock Position to the left (where I like it) and I’m cruising…

After a little Q&A with David Russo, a Personal Shopping Specialist here, I’m sold! Seriously. I had all my questions answered and I’ve found, if I am going to be working on a computer all day long – this is the computer I want to work on.

I do miss my Apple Wireless Keyboard (aluminum) and the Apple Magic Mouse – but once I get home it’s a simple ‘pairing’ and I’m off to the races so-to-speak.

Last time I came in here to do a test drive the Apple Magic Mouse I walked out with it – along with the Apple Wireless Keyboard!

See: Apple Magic Mouse Review – From the Apple Store in Glendale and Apple Wireless Keyboard Review.

I’m a sucker for Apple Products.

So here’s the deal. If I’m investing in this computer, it means I am not going to get the iPad. Seriously. I realized, unless I come up with a windfall of cash, this Apple MacBook Pro will be my iPad! I do have enough saved up for the iPad – believe it or not – with my month end writing income, but I just don’t think I’ll be using it for anything other than to be ‘cool’.

So that being said, I’m going to browse the store, find David Russo (my Personal Shopping Specialist) and say, let’s make a deal! Goodbye Apple iPad – I guess its not for me! Hello 15” Apple MacBook Pro – the 2.66GHz, 4GB Memory, 320GB hard drive version: $1999.

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