Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

I was blogging from the Apple store in the Glendale Galleria and I was able to use the Apple Magic Mouse and the Apple Wireless Keyboard. I was only there to blog, and to test out the Apple Magic Mouse – and little did I know that I was going to fall in love with both: the Magic Mouse and the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

I work on a 13” MacBook (white). And I never really liked the MacBook Keyboard. That being said, I got used to it but would every so often feel like the keys were too soft to the tap.  The front edge of the MacBook Keyboard was also ‘sharp’ on the base of my palm when I rested my hand on the keyboard.

Of course my high school typing teacher would probably smack the back of my hand with a ruler if I were to type this way, but heck – I’m not in high school anymore and this is how I type.  Well, the Apple Magic Mouse was awesome – so I bought it – and the Apple Wireless Keyboard was the best keyboard I’ve ever used – so I bought that too!

Keyboards: from my Dell Laptop 700m (the worst), to flimsy no brand keyboards from Staples, to my Kid’s iMac’s keyboard and other PC based keyboards I’ve used on the market, the feel of the Apple Wireless Keyboard (aluminum) is the best I’ve ever used so far.

The only thing missing – a number keypad.

That is still really high praise considering all the laptops, all the external keyboards, and all the PC work related keyboards I’ve gone through.

Ok, I can’t remember all the keyboards I’ve had my fingers on, and I’m sure some of my Toshiba or Dell Laptops that I’ve owned, prior to becoming an Apple enthusiast in 2009, were pretty good, but this one: The Apple Wireless Keyboard (Aluminum) has got to be one of the best.

It has all the functionality of my MacBook keyboard too: Function keys to control display brightness, Expose, dashboard, as well as all the play features for CDs, DVDs, and eject.

That pretty much goes over the basic ‘features’, but what I love the best is that it is compact, so when I travel its an easy accessory.  I love that the keys are not so soft,  which makes me feel like I’m typing with confidence.

When I typed on the MacBook, I had to get used to the soft keys. I like to feel the ‘click’ as I type, and my MacBook, although you can feel it a little, the keys are extremely soft and I tend to make more mistakes typing on the MacBook than I do with the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

This is by experience. As I type this review I’m switching keyboards and I am so quick to type, edit, and feel my keys on the wireless keyboard than I am with the MacBook keyboard.

What I don’t like is that I need to be able to have spare batteries on hand just in case. That being said, this new Apple Wireless Keyboard only takes two batteries, whereas the previous version used three batteries.

I also wish Apple had some sort of ‘pouch’ for both the Apple Magic Mouse and this Apple Wireless Keyboard. It is extremely convenient, but I’d like to protect it with something as I stuff it in my backpack.

I was skeptical using two Bluetooth devices on my MacBook because I was afraid there might be a speed or performance issue: delay, etc. But there is no significant delay in any of my applications or the response time on the Bluetooth devices as they work simultaneously.

Setting up the Apple Wireless Keyboard was as simple as going to System Preferences – Keyboard – Setup Bluetooth Keybaord. If you lose connectivity, you can reconnect through the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar: which will show a list of Bluetooth devices paired with your Mac.

The power saving feature is also, what Apple calls, “Intelligent”, as it conserves battery life really well. I tend to get up and go, come back to work, get up, come back, and I write all day long. The Apple Wireless Keyboard battery life is still at 100% after about 7 days of constant use. Why? Because when I’m not using the Apple Wireless Keybaord, it automatically shuts down. When I start typing, it turns back on – instantly. There is no ‘tap’ the keyboard to get it going – just start typing!

And if you are shutting down for a long period of time, just press the power switch and shut the Apple Wireless Keyboard off!

My rating is high for this Bluetooth wireless keyboard. My two USB slots are now open for my camera, iPhone, or other USB devices now that I don’t use a USB wireless Mouse because I use the Apple Magic Mouse (see review) and the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

My recommendation – get one! Buy the Apple Magic Keyboard and while you’re at it, get the Apple Magic Mouse too!

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