Apple iPad Review – Guess what’s delayed?

Apple iPad review

Guess what’s delayed?

Unfortunately, I can’t write an Apple iPad review when the iPad is going to be delayed. And since I did not preorder my Apple iPad, I won’t be getting one on April 3 anyway. (Check out for more info on shipping date)

Don’t worry – those who got in their preorder on time you will be receiving it on April 3 (cross your fingers). But for those that did not, expect to see it on April 12th. It was promised on April 3, 2010 to those that preordered it.  So ‘props’ to those that jumped on it when they did and were one of the record preorder sales for the Apple iPad.

For the rest of you (and me), the iPad orders for the Wi-Fi iPad will be shipped on April 12, 2010. (I’m still undecided as I now want a MacBook Pro)

You no longer can reserve an iPad from the Apple store website either. This Reservation Program allowed consumers to reserve the Wi-Fi iPad and pick it up on the April 3rd date.

I’m sure many are disappointed, as now they have to wait more than a week for the much anticipated iPad release.

More Apple iPad peripherals and info:

Apple iPad Price:

There will be NO CONTRACT to get AT&T Data plans for the iPad – which is good news if you didn’t know already. What does this mean? Maybe iPad users can eventually tap into other networks to get data plans – that might be e relief right?

If you do want 3G service, its going to cost you: $14.99/month for 250MB and $29.99/month unlimited data.

I have to be honest – the data plan for the Apple iPad is one big factor to me not purchasing one. Well, then again, I don’t need 3G. I don’t rely on 3G for my Laptop – I always get Wi-Fi. That being said, do I want to forgo the 3G model or get one ‘just in case’?

I will still be weighing the pros and cons and as rumor has it – a new MacBook Pro is coming out. To me, that might be worth more for the money than an Apple iPad.

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