Portable eBook readers: Will the iPad be out shined by newer and improved eBook readers?

Portable eBook readers

Will the iPad be out shined by newer and improved eBook readers?

I have a couple of questions for you: How would you like to read your portable eBooks on the go, check your gmail, browse the web in full color, watch videos, view pictures, and the portable eBooks  you read are in a revolutionary EPD screen so the pages look printed for printed page-like viewing?

No – it’s not the Nook or Kindle handheld eBook reader!

How would you like a responsive on-screen keyboard that allows you to Tweet to followers, start a club on Facebook and use Android applications?

Yeah, you already know, the Apple iPad has gotten all the hype and the iPad preorders hit record numbers.

No – it’s not he Apple iPad!

It’s not an iPhone…

It’s not the Android!

It is the “Winner Best of CES 2010 eReader category – LAPTOP Magazine”

It does all that and it does not have Apple iPad Price! It’s a little more than the Nook and Kindle eBook Reader, but you really get what you pay for!

It’s called, “The Alex eReader”!

There was a comment in my post, “14 Days with my Nook eBook Reader – The Final Decision” by Andy (of eBook Reader Base dot com) who gave me a great lead on a new handheld eBook reader on the market!

After doing a little research I was immediately attracted to this portable eBook reader and wanted one immediately!

The Alex eReader is brought to you by SpringDesign.com, who touts, “The fundamental difference between Alex and other eReaders is that it intuitively and elegantly integrates its two displays, combining the efficiency and reading comfort of the EPD display with the responsiveness, multimedia, and browsing capabilities of the LCD display.”

The Alex eReader is capable of connecting to Google’s bookstore with over one million titles, and other bookstores that support Adobe DRM. This means if you have a collection of books for your Nook or Kindle eBook reader, you won’t be able to read these books.

Could the Alex eReader kill the Kindle? It defiantly trounces the Nook!

One last question: Do you want to get your Alex eReader by April 14, 2010? Well, you can preorder it now! Click here: Alex eReader preorder.

What are you going to do? Borders Book Store is really putting Amazon and Barnes and Noble to the test with this eReader that’s for sure!

This summer will be a tough decision – Apple iPad, an Alex eReader, and the speculation of the iPhone 4G release date still pending, what do we do with our hard earned money?  None of these gadgets are out yet, so we have time to decide!

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