Take your blogging to the bank – well, not so fast.

Take your blogging to the bank – well, not so fast.

How to earn money online!

Before you start cashing in those checks you have to hit a $100 minimum in AdRevenue from Google’s AdSense. It might take a while – but as you build traffic, and as you learn more and more about how to get people to your website through organic SEO, you should also learn that gathering emails and spending time gaining the trust of your visitors is important. That’s how to take your blogging to the bank and that’s how to make money being online!

There are so many things you have to, or should do, as a blogger. Some of those things, I admit,  I tend to put off because learning something new is intimidating and takes time. But once I do make a commitment to learn and understand, it starts to set things in motion!

I continually learn something new on how to earn online. Sometimes it takes a while for me to implement those things – and what I learned this week is still taking a lot of time – the learning process is, once again, intimidating, but as I’ve mentioned before, these are the things you need to learn in order to say you are blogging for profit!

I think I mentioned SEO and how I put off learning SEO for a while (in a previous post “How to earn income online – A must read post“). Sometimes, some of the things I do, as far as Search Engine Optimization and my do it yourself SEO, pays off immediately.

Have I written articles and posts for each and every keyword? Nope. Are all my keywords ranking? Nope. But I have to say, just by a quick look, at least 95% of them are being picked up by Google and are moving up the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)!

That’s pretty good isn’t it?

I’ve been researching affiliate marketing, and I was going to start an ad campaign this week but had too much on my plate. So the first week in April, I’ll have my first couple of ad campaigns up and running! I’m trying to be patient and also be prepared.

This week, after a couple of weeks of postponement, I decided to learn how to start collecting emails. So I signed up for SqueezeTheme and Aweber. Hopefully I can figure it all out and a Squeeze page will appear somewhere in Glenn Magas dot Com – or some other domain that I just bought. Aweber will be my Autoresponder and together, I hope to start building ‘a list’ and using Aweber to send out weekly or monthly newsletters.

If I can learn how to use SqueezeTheme and Aweber together, I believe this will make me a well-rounded blogger.

If I can cash in my Google AdSense after 4 months of blogging, that is a big accomplishment. I am still a baby – a 7-weeker – but things are looking up. Some hot topics have moved up in Google Searches and my page views are climbing!  I understand there are ebbs and flows to this whole thing – but as my visits and page views grow, so does my AdSense income! It’s related somehow! What a phenomenon – LOL – Understandably: it can all crash back down but I’m confident that I can keep it growing!

So here’s how it looks from Feb 22 – Mar 24:

34% of my traffic is through organic searches, and I’d love it to be a whole lot more!

Why the jump in visits and page views? SEO. After researching the organic searches, my keywords and content are really bringing in more people to the site. I’m trying to build quality content on a consistent basis and hopefully visitors find reason to come back for more.

If you are a blogger, please keep checking in! And if you haven’t tapped into some key resources on blogging, read: “Blogging to the Bank – Web resources

Thanks in advance to those that are reading this now! I appreciate it! You are helping me with my goals – and that’s to take my blogging to the bank!


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