Apple iPhone 4G release date – 4G Rumored Features

Apple iPhone 4G release date

4G Rumored Features

The Apple iPhone 4G release date keeps getting interesting. There have been rumors that it will be released in early May, late June, or sometime in July! I’ve found statements that suggest there is no way an iPhone 4th Generation phone will be released in 2010 if it wants actual 4G chip technology to go along with the 4G or ‘4th Generation’ model.

(iPhone 4 release date update: 6/24/2010)

Nothing is certain, so take these rumors lightly. I can’t wait till the iPhone 4G release date though because all the rumors will finally be dispelled or confirmed.

Here are some featured rumors to make you drool…

Better Camera

What are we at now? 3MP for the iPhone 3Gs? To me, that’s pretty darn good! At 3MP, you can actually print excellent 4×6 pictures and very good 5×7 prints! What more do you want to add in a Smart Phone? A Single-Lens Reflex?

No that’s not an iPhone 4G concept picture. That’s the Nokia N86 8MP!

Well, the rumor is that the next generation iPhone will have a 5MP camera. Who needs a ‘camera-camera’ any more? Why pay tons of money for a point and shoot at 12MP when you have an all-in-one camera with 5MP? We lived with 3MP on a P&S 10 years ago, we should be satisfied with a 5MP camera phone!

OLED Screen

OLED – who cares? Well, lets see first what it is. An OLED is an “Organic Light Emitting Diode”. It is the process of converting electric energy into light. Okay, that still isn’t a big deal is it? What if I told you with an OLED screen an iPhone will have faster response times, a wider viewing angle, and an all around AWESOME display!

The pictures and video will be incredible – with potentially up to 16 million colors! This is a whole media experience in itself and the OLED will be awesome.

Not Nokia 86 with 8MP awesome – but still awesome.

Removable Battery

Ok, I’ve heard all the complaints about the iPhone not having a removable battery. To me, so what! Really, I’ve had the original iPhone, 3G… I’ve owned the iPod Classic, several Nanos… who cares? Have “I” had any issues with not having a removable battery? Nope.

So this rumor, true or not, to me is – who cares?

Cut and Paste and MMS was more important to me than a removable batter.

What do you think?

Different Casing

Cool. But what casing? Will it be cheap plastic, or something strong? Again, the aesthetics of it, I’m not to concerned. Apple has sexy products – I have no doubt the 4G will be ‘sexy’! ☺

Moving on.

Here is an interesting interview with Aaron, the service manager of Rapid Repair. They receive repair orders of 500 iPods and iPhones a year. This is Aaron’s take on what he expects of the iPhone 4G. Again, he emphasizes that it will not carry the 4G chip or work on the 4G network.

If that’s the case, and they aren’t really focusing on why can’t the 3Gs process faster if the 4G will be working off the same network. It won’t be faster. Only better? To me that’s interesting.

Read the interview here: (

My contract will probably end when the 5th generation iPhone comes out working on the 4G network! That way I don’t have to rush to own a 4G with the hopes of blazing fast speed on the 4G network! I hope.

Expect the iPhone 4G price to be the same as previous releases: $99, $199, $299 (with a contract of course).

That being said, the 3G monthly fees increased from the Edge versions of the iPhone. Again, we might not have to worry about that since the iPhone 4G will still be running on the 3G network.

Expected iPhone 4G release date? TBD and TBA!

One thing is for sure – Apple likes to keep consumers guessing. And that’s a good thing. They usually put out a product better than expected – and if not better, it eventually becomes as good as it gets!

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Update: Engadget also reports that the iPhone HD (or whatever it ends up being called), will be announced on Tuesday, June 22. Historically, this date falls in line with past iPhone release dates.

See more on the Apple iPhone 4G dubbed the “Apple iPhone HD” – “iPhone 4G release date; or is it the iPhone HD? Or both!

edit: 4/28/2010: (UPDATED iPHONE RELEASE DATE)

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