The Nook Handheld eBook Reader Updates

The Nook Handheld eBook Reader Updates

If you have not updated your Nook’s handheld eBook Reader software it is a good idea that you do. The performance enhancements answered some of my, ‘why don’t they do this’ questions on how this handheld eBook Reader handles certain function.

As I started to get really involved with using my Nook I would bookmark pages in books but those pages really weren’t ‘user friendly’ so-to-speak. It was like this big long address that pointed to a page instead the page number. It was incredibly frustrating!

Well, with Version 1.0, I was really questioning how great the Nook really was. With Version 1.2 I’m confident this handheld eBook reader will eventually the eReader of choice!

Hare are some standout features you will get with Version 1.2.

– Bookmarks display page number

Wow – what a huge upgrade in my opinion. Version 1.0 should have had this but it didn’t. Version 1.2 immediately made me happy with this inclusion of user-friendliness!

– Personal files downloaded onto nook and displayed in My Documents can be sorted by author & title

Again – another wow. I was so unhappy with how my personal files were displayed in My Documents. Sorting is easier which means the incredible number of files I have on my laptop are now going into my Nook!

− Enhanced in-store seamless connectivity to enjoy free Wi-Fi, with our More In Store content and promotions exclusively for nook owners.

Every week I go to Barnes & Noble just for “In Store content” and promotions. All I have to do is walk into the store, and I’m getting seamless in-store connectivity!

– Overall system improvements and battery optimization

I have yet to experience these improvements. But anything related to ‘battery optimization’ is always a good thing!

There are other features that you can find here: “What’s new in V1.2?

So how do you upgrade?

Well, if you have wireless connectivity it is easy. If you have a registered Nook, you will get Over The Air (OTA) wireless update. Just make sure Airplane Mode is off! (“How to setup the Nook handheld eBook Reader“)

To upgrade manually follow these steps:

1. Download 1.2 here (Version 1.2)
2. Connect your Nook to your computer via the USB cable provided. A new ‘drive’ will appear and you should see “USB Mode” image on your Nook’s E Ink screen.
3. Make sure your battery is at 20% or more.
4. Drag and drop the downloaded file into your Nook’s main directory.
5. Eject your Nook from your computer.
6. Your Nook will now install the files itself.
7. Once complete, your Nook will go to the Home Screen

Note – Do not turn your Nook off during this process!

For more information, visit the Barnes & Noble website on new updates, troubleshooting, and other info for your Nook handheld ebook reader.

If you don’t have a Nook, here are 5 reasons why you should buy one: “14 Days with my Handheld eBook Reader – 5 reaons to buy the Nook

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