Apple Magic Mouse Review – From Apple Store, Glendale, CA

Apple Magic Mouse Review

From Apple Store, Glendale, CA

I had to try the Apple Magic Mouse today. So here is my Apple Magic Mouse review and I’m doing it right here from the Apple Store in Glendale, where, the wireless keyboard is really making me want one too! But while I’m reviewing the limited features on the Apple Magic Mouse, and I say limited features loosely because the features are pretty expansive, I found a driver called, “Better Touch Tool”.

You can find it here:

With this utility you can do so much more with the mouse – which makes an Apple Magic Mouse review longer than a few sentences on whether I like it or not.

I love the scrolling feature. Its like I can run up and down the mouse with my two fingers and scroll up and down the page. Swiping with two fingers left and right allows me to go Forward or Back on a webpage instead of using the keyboard. Right clicking, just means clicking the top right flat, and incredibly smooth, surface of the mouse top. There are no buttons on this mouse like Apple’s traditional white mouse.

So far, the Apple Magic Mouse is extremely easy to get used to and a million times better than my MacBook’s touch pad.

I recently posed the question: “Apple Magic Mouse – What do you think?” which had mixed reviews.

As I scramble to get this Blog post up and running while Donna and the kids are at Nordstrom, I also managed, with quick navigation of the mouse, to run a keyword analysis on some SEO keywords – uploading them to Niche Factory, to review the results for a blog post. Unfortunately, Niche Factory isn’t as fast as I’d like it to be but at least I have an analysis ready to go.

The mouse is sturdy and not as flimsy as they say. Its smooth, and incredibly easy to get used to! With the “Better Touch Tool” utility, the mouse becomes more than a cool gadget by Apple. It becomes something I may rely on to navigate Expose & Spaces, as well as many other functions like pinching on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

I believe, based on what I’ve experienced today that I will be walking out with an Apple Magic Mouse, and possibly a wireless keyboard.

Now if I can get a quick picture of myself up with PhotoBooth, upload it, and post this Blog before I’m fetched for dinner at CPK, I’m a Champ for the day!

How about that for an Apple Magic Mouse review?

Oh – and my Keyword Analysis is done processing! Yeah!

Update: “Apple Magic Mouse Review – From the comfort of my laptop!

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