Apple iPhone 4G Release Date Confirmed

Apple iPhone 4G Release Date Confirmed

iPhone 4G release dateI’ve scoured the web, I’ve heard rumors, I’ve read news and found some early release pictures… One thing is for sure! I have found the official Apple iPhone 4G Release Date and it is… wait for it…

Sometime summer – but there’s more.

(iPhone 4 release date update: 6/24/2010)

Okay don’t get mad. That’s the best I can do and believe me, I could have lied. I mean, Apple had originally scheduled the iPad release date and preorders to be a specific date – and that was pushed back. I could have said June 4th, 2010 and claimed that an insider gave me that news. So I’m providing you with the most up-to-date information available. And it gets worse…

The official release date is…

Summer – Year to be announced!

Yes – you read that right. And I’m the only one on the net telling it to you straight. There is NO official release date for the iPhone 4G. None.

Could this mean June 2010? July 2011? Possibly August 2012? Who knows. But the biggest talk on the release date is in June 2010.

And this… is hopeful!


Another rumor is that there is going to be a new chip for the iPhone 4G!

What does that mean?

According to MacVideo, “We caught up with Lars Johnson, Beceem’s Vice President Marketing & Business Development to chat about the evolution of 4G. And discover what Beceem has planned for the chips that sit behind (and in most cases inside) 4G technology.”

That being said, Beceem is not shipping 4G components to device manufacturers for mass production until Q2 2011. (

Okay, if you got through high school with or without a diploma what does this mean?

If there is a ‘new chip’ that sits behind 4G technology, and the iPhone 4G will have this chip, and the manufacturer (Beceem) is shipping this chip in Q2 of the year 2011, then the iPhone 4G release date will be… SUMMER!

But not Summer 2010!

So, 40% of those Blackberry users that say they would switch to an iPhone have to wait till 2011 or get a 3Gs today. Yes, did you know that 40% of Blackberry users are willing to trade in for an iPhone? Read it here: (Article)

My friend Alex, who used to rave about his Blackberry wants an iPhone, my wife already switched over… Rim (manufacturer of Blackberry) needs a new business plan or model or marketing campaign in my opinion!

So – for those Blackberry users holding out for the iPhone 4G release date, you might have to wait till June.

June what year?

That’s TBD!

Well, here are some concept photos to keep you drooling – I found them online but can’t remember where so when I do I’ll give credit where its due.

There you have it. Here’s the iPhone release date – you can get your hands on the iPhone 4G in the summer of (fill in the year here)!

NOTE: “4G” does not necessarily mean 4G technology. It means 4th Generation. But that still does not answer the question – when is the release date of the iPhone 4G!

Update: Engadget also reports that the iPhone HD (or whatever it ends up being called), will be announced on Tuesday, June 22. Historically, this date falls in line with past iPhone release dates.

See more on the Apple iPhone 4G dubbed the “Apple iPhone HD” – “iPhone 4G release date; or is it the iPhone HD? Or both!

edit: 4/28/2010: (UPDATED iPHONE RELEASE DATE)

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