Macintosh MacUpdate Bundled Software Deal

Macintosh MacUpdate Bundled software deal

This deal is incredible! It will last for a limited time so if you want great software for an incredibly affordable price, you better act fast.

This is a bundled software deal with 11 packages. Most notably, Parallels 5.

Click here for more info:  MacUpdate Promo, with Parallels 5!

With Parallels 5 you can run Windows XP on your Macintosh and load Windows software to use at the same time your MacOS software is running. Parallels 5 allows Windows XP to run smoother with Mac’s new OS, Snow Leopard.

I use Parallels 4 and was not thinking about purchasing the updated version till I came across this deal. How can I pass it up?

Just look at the costs of all these packages put together and what you are actually paying for it:

I use Expose and Spaces on my MacBok. Hyperspaces is going to allows me to customize my spaces with background colors and more! Instead of having one desktop, I can have several (kinda).

Do you need a program to detect spyware and Trojan horses on your Mac? Well, included in this bundle is MacScan. Originally it is $29.99 but you get it in the $49.99 bundle. You can even get a bonus app for an incrediblly low price which brings the bundle from $49.00 to only $53.98! What??? Wow!

Act fast! MacUpdate is not having this special deal forever! It’s a “Spring Sale” and an incredible deal that can’t be overlooked!

Go here and purchase the Bundle before its too late!

Click here for more info: MacUpdate Promo, with Parallels 5!

Remember – don’t wait or you will miss out on the deal!

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