The Mc10:35 – A heart attack waiting to happen or the perfect hangover feast?

The Mc10:35

A heart attack waiting to happen or the perfect hangover feast?

It is called the Mc10:35 – a secret, yet not so secret anymore – a McDonald’s sandwich that is not part of their menu items. It requires a little creativity, and could be the next big hangover cure. I for one am NOT going to try it – unless I have a hangover.

The Mc10:35 can only be purchased at McDonald’s at 10:35 in the morning – hence the perfect hangover pleasure, for the lack of a better word. Here’s the reason its only available at 10:35 am.

The breakfast to lunch transition at McDonald’s is at 10:30. Be there by 10:35 AM or you will miss out on a window of opportunity.


Order an Egg McMuffin (if they still have any left from the breakfast menu)…


Order a McDouble (which is on the lunch menu). This is the only time of the day you can probably do this…


Take the egg and Canadian bacon from the Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich and put it into the McDouble lunch sandwich.

You now have a creation, and a phenomenon that is sweeping the SanFrancisco area – and probably the nation, called, the Mc10:35 – because that is the only time you can get it!

Are you going to try it? You might have to find a McDonald’s that doesn’t wait till 11AM to transition over to the lunch menu.

I might not wait till I have a hangover. The only thing that would make it better – put it into a kid’s meal and add a toy!


Sorry, picture unavailable – but once I make one you will be the first to know!

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