Learning SEO -The Art and Science – SEO Book recommendations

Learning SEO  – The Art and Science

SEO Book recommendations

Learning SEO is an ever-changing subject and this whole SEO thing is new to me. I’m about two weeks into the whole learning process and I’ve found some of things I’ve learned to be “old school” SEO, and ‘rules of thumb’ that should never ever be broken! Do it yourself SEO is a long process – but it benefits ‘me’ or you as a blogger!

Art, as defined by Wikipedia.com: “is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions.”

Science, also defined by Wikipedia.com: “is, in its broadest sense, any systematic knowledge-base or prescriptive practice that is capable of resulting in a correct prediction, or reliably-predictable type of outcome”

That being said, these two Wikipedia definitions really support the SEO process! Through Search Engine Optimization, you are deliberately arranging a website’s elements in a way to affect the results on a Google search page or SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  By learning SEO, and utilizing the art you will be able to reliably predict the outcome of your results.

No, you cannot determine the results nor guarantee the results, but you will now understand how to affect a websites position in the SERP.

There are two books that I am diving my brain into. All my brain synapses are firing and it is creating an exciting world that I am brand new to! It also makes me realize that through the process of wanting to blog and create awareness of my blog that an opportunity presented itself as far as a new interest and a way to further my knowledge! I have grown to love learning SEO and the whole do it yourself SEO process!

Well, here are two books that I’m reading:

1) “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords
2) “Search Engine Optimization an hour a day

If you are learning SEO and are as new to it as I was, then you need to add these two books as part of your ‘art and science’ courses on learning SEO.

If there were an SEO University, I would probably apply today!

Do it yourself SEO - Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords1) “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”

Google AdWords is the key to understanding keyword analysis for SEO. You may not be building a Google AdWords campaign, but if you understand how to be competitive with AdWords through an AdWords campaign, you will understand how to research and deliver the right keywords for your website’s content.

2) “Search Engine Optimization” an hour a day.

Learning SEO - Search Engine Optimization an Hour a day“SEO an Hour A Day” allows you to plan your SEO plan and commit to something every day to improve your website – which can improve your traffic, sales, and income potential faster.

When it comes with setting goals and making a commitment to achieve success in any aspect in life, whether its self improvement and motivation, or to create a passive income stream in order to retire early, it takes commitment to do something every single day to achieve that goal.

The later book is exactly that commitment – if you are a blogger, and especially if you are a blogger that wants a blog to create a name for itself, then “SEO an Hour a Day” is what you need to do in order to make that name.

Why? Because by first understanding book 1, and AdWords, and then applying the SEO process to the quality content on your website, your blog will move up in the organic SEO results on Google! If it is number 1, except 40% of the people searching for that word or phrase to click on your link and visit your site.

What a concept! If a million people search ‘your’ SEO keyword and it is #1, do the math!

The art of deliberately constructing an SEO website will do that for you! SEO is not an exact science! The science is ever changing, and by SEO an hour a day, you will always be at the forefront of the ‘art’ and yes, the ‘science’ of SEO. Here is a great example in an article by Arron Wall of how SEO changes and nobody is a master at it! “Is PageRank Important

Learning SEO is never ending. By avoiding the SEO process you are saying – I do not care where my page is ranked, nor do I care if I am making money or generating a lot of traffic to my website.

Read the two books recommended and begin the art and science of learning SEO!

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