Self Development Books – Good Habits

Self Development Books – Good Habits

I was at dinner last night with some friends and a group of us ended up talking about self development books and one book in particular that changed my life!  We were discussing good habits and why New Year’s Resolutions fail most of the time.

During dinner, one of my good friends was talking about how he was ‘getting his way’ at the restaurant so-to-speak. It was simple things really – like a FULL glass of wine versus the 4 ounces they pour into a wine glass. Or getting a ‘big sturdy take out box’ instead of a cheap white Styrofoam one. He ‘got what he wanted’ because he was kind, and subtly assertive – just by using a person’s name.

Names are important. The whole idea of using “FORM” to start a conversation is an effective way to get a person’s name and get a little personal. It leads to many relationship-building benefits when you first build a relationship. FORM stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money.

I won’t get into it in this post, what I really wanted to share was what we talked about after he ‘got what he wanted.’

Alex, my friend, used people’s names. And using a person’s name is an incredible way to get personal and break the stranger wall. Remembering names is a technique that I need to learn because I forget names at a drop of a hat. And if using a person’s first name is improtant, then it is very improtant for me to learn how remember names.

This led to the discussion on the one book that has changed my life and allowed me to learn how to create good habits!

“How to win friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie says, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

How to Win Friends & Influence PeopleAlex used the bartender’s name which led to where the bartender was from. It just so happens Alex’s wife was also from the same country and that immediately built a bond. The glass of wine was filled to the brim that you had to sip it in order for it not to spill. He then used the waitresses name who offered up a cheap take home box but Alex said asked if there was something better –and he got it!


Because a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language!

Seriously. If someone has a nametag on, use their name. Ask for that person by name if you at a restaurant and need their undivided attention. Instead of, “can you get our waiter,” ask, “can you get Russell for us when you have time?”

If you are reading Self Development Books and want to create good habits, you can begin, and end, with Dale Carnegie’s book! I recommend always developing your self-improvement and motivation by reading more books, but self development books can come secondary to “How to win friends & Influence People.” And, believe it or not, this is a book on ‘sales’.

But this is what we are doing – selling our kindness to build strong relationships with people we know and trust, to people we just met and want to gain confidence in.

Read the book. Read it soon. And re-read it every year, quarter, or monthly if you need to remind yourself on how important relationships are with everyone you meet!

I highly recommended this self development book to anyone and everyone who wants to create good habits and to change their life in a positive way!

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Excerpt: “This is, by far, one of the most important books an individual should read to improve both personal and business relationships. Dale Carnegie exhibits techniques through a myriad of personal stories; he anecdotes historical figures, leaders of generations, as well as successful leaders in business. He presents examples of how the basic fundamentals of each of his principles will work in everyone’s daily life.”

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