Apple iPad Price – Did you make your iPad Preorder?

Apple iPad Price – Did you make your iPad Preorder?

Are you one of the 120,000 iPad orders? That’s the estimate for the first day of iPad preorders. Apple started taking iPad preorders yesterday for delivery on April 3rd. If you haven’t preorderd an iPad, here are the prices. Click on it and head to Apple to place your order!

If I had $829 I would have placed the order already. I’m waiting for Apple to send me one so that I can do a fair review on the product. Apple – send me an iPad!

That being said, I’m 1/4 of the way there (in savings) – and it’ll stay that way unless I spend the money! LOL Which is hard to do.

But will there be shortages? 9 to 5 Mac shows reports from different sources that “They’ve figured that between the start of sales at 8:30am ET until 10:30am ET, 51,000 orders were taken.  While “50,000 iPads sold in two hours“.

They also state, “Earlier estimates were that Apple wanted to make 700,000 iPads in March and a million in April.”

Wow… 1.7 million iPads produced in two months? Will there really be a shortage? Can someone give me $829 so I can get one while I can? It is expected that Apple will be selling 5 Million iPads in its first year!

Well, after 6 hours, sales reached 91,000!

My iPad Price and Features Concerns

I’m still baffled at the iPad price. Is this device really targeted to the non-productive consumer? I made that term up. You know, the consumer that wants to surf the web, check emails, watch YouTube and waste time? Get it? They are non-productive! I’m still wondering, is this going to replace a MacBook? Probably not. But for the price, it really seems like it should! Is it just the new blueprint to computing?

The iPad keyboard dock makes it like a traditional lap top, so what’s the point? Why couldn’t Apple just give this power to a MacBookPro or something? Carrying an iPad keyboard docking station around along with an iPad is less convenient than a laptop isn’t it?

That being said, I loved my Palm Pilot’s external keyboard. I actually drafted a short script on one of those things a long time ago. It was awesome.

Regardless of these concerns I stand by what I said before: Apple iPad – I want one! But I like what Mash187 said on a tweet, “A Twitter poster named Mash187 offered: “Avoiding the rush to pre-order an iPad today. Going to wait until the [basic] version is in the wild to see how people really like it.” (source:

(Note: the iPad keyboard dock is said to be delayed till mid April)

iPad Reviews and one last thought.

I just joined what seems like a great forum of information. You’ll probably find iPad reviews to your heart’s content once people get their hands on it. Check out: and sign up. Don’t confuse it with the .com forum. That forum is pathetic.

Here’s my last thought. Well, I’m sharing a thought in my head and that’s really a fantasy.

I’m at the poolside in Vegas or Hawaii and I’m blogging with my iPad. Donna hands me a cool drink, I had her the iPad so she can check her emails, and I jump into the pool with the kids. Yeah, that’s my last thought.

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