Slice of Life – So I changed my mind…

Slice of Life

So I changed my mind…

Glenn Magas dot ComI was going to write this week about making money online. But I decided to do something different and a little more traditional. Like the good old blogging days when you share a piece of your life – the slice of life kinda blog that doesn’t have anything to do with making money online.

So what did I do today.

6:50 AM – Alarm on and I’m waking up the kids with Good Morning Tickles. Then I’m in and out of the shower, walking the dogs, making coffee and usually I make breakfast for the kids, but they wanted oatmeal. That’s Donna’s duty! I’m the eggs and English muffin person.Which allows me to check emails, check my blogs, and the the tedious stuff I do before I start my day. Today, unfortunately wasn’t a ‘normal day’.

8:00 AM – Kids are driven to school. Late. Which is unusual.

I’m thinking of waking up earlier just to get a head start on my work.

8:15 AM – 10:00 AM – Hot coffee at my side, Mark & Brian on the radio, and I’m working.

I usually get on iGoogle chat to see how ‘the boys’ are doing at work. Yeah, the good old days when we would talk in each other’s office for hours. Now, its a quick chat with Orlando and Jeremy.  Usually Orlando and I have an ongoing chat off and on throughout the day.

I did some SEO on keywords for some other blogs. Submitted my list to The Niche Factory and was happy to see the status go from 0-100% unusually fast. I guess their maintenance yesterday, which threw me way off track, did some good!

10AM I’m informed by the lovely wife that the Health Insurance guy is coming over to talk again.  So I’m up and attempting to clean the house a little bit. Which got me in the cleaning mode and reminded me of all the crap I have to do in every single room and garage as I work on my dot com millions! HA!

11:00AM-12:00PM – We finalize our insurance policy and he submits and guess what – we are covered beginning on the 15th. We had to do something right? Obama hasn’t done it for anyone.

My Lunch appointment with one of my best friends, Steve, who will be writing some Amazon Kindle reviews for me was canceled  – which sucked. But we can talk on the phone this weekend.

12:30PM – Kids need to be picked up due to a half day.

I’ll be honest. I’m not into the mid day lunch break. At home, I grab something to eat, sit in front of the TV for 15 minutes and gobble it down. I could work and eat, but on a normal day, I’m sitting in front of my MacBook from 8AM-1PM straight. I mean non-stop no breaks straight! Sometimes I go out to eat, and I feel pressed to get back to work! Its a good feeling. So when at home – I eat and watch something on TV. Usually ESPN.

Do it yourself SEO - SEO BooksToday, lunch with the family. We went to Americana and had lunch at a little cafe. Donna and I shared a salad, the kids had gelato (they had pizza at school). Then I ran into Barnes & Noble to pick up two bags of Starbucks coffee. Why Barnes & Noble? Because I get a member discount! I picked up two books, “The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web” and “Search Engine Optimization – An Hour A Day“. Click on them for descriptions and to buy it online.

Okay, the day is going by and now I have only a few hours left of to work.

2:00PM – Article  on “Breaking Habits”. I didn’t know what to write about today and decided to write about something different than Self Improvement and Motivation, success in life and/or improving your life. “Breaking Habits” is obviously related, but a topic I thought I should cover. It short and sweet with some good links to more information.

During my writing, Sharon and Cole came over. Sharon – to get waxed and Cole to play COD with Jake. A pair of headphones and some music solved the laughing, and gunfire issue, and I managed to get my article done.

3:30PM – I start writing a post, “Blogging for Profit – Google Adsense”.

It’s a step by step guide on signing up for Google AdSense with pictures and everything. But I decided to put it on the shelf. It kinda sucked anyway.

Now, the rest of the night is quite a blur. Lets see…

I pitched for about an hour and a half to my little league team at “The Bernal Academy Batting Cages”. I was throwing strikes! I was a little afraid of pitching tonight because I am not fully recovered from last weeks pitching session! We have a big game tomorrow and the kids need all the batting they can get.

After being worn out, I’m home and throwing a steak on the pan for some home made fajitas! Yum! An ice cold beer to help the jalapeno pain go away and my computer is open for more work.

I was too tired to do a CYM podcast so I told Orlando that I would be dead.

I had a little more work to do so I spent about 1 hour redoing the design of the front page of Glenn Magas dot Com. I’m not sure if its a good idea but I added RSS feeds to some of my favorite websites.

This is how it looks:

Do it yourself SEO - RSS Feeds on Home Page

Now – I’m writing this post. I am so fricken’ tired but had to write something today for this blog and decided, heck, I’m just going to write about what I did today, shut it down, and go to bed.

So there you have it. I just need to take a screen shot of my new home page, add links to the books above, add a link to CreateYourMind and the article I wrote and I think that’s it!

So that, as they say is, that.

Good night.

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