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Glenn Magas dot ComAre you ready to start a blog and you just don’t know how to start monetizing it? Do you want to get a wealth of information for free? Why do I call it a ‘wealth of information’? Well, these three resources are provided by wealthy online entrepreneurs who basically took their blogging to the bank and are sharing what they did to you, me, and whoever wants to make money online, or just make extra money online with their blog.

You’ll find many sources of information in the internet, but if you read these three web resources on blogging every day, you might not need anything else except for commitment, time, and some realistic goals!

1. John Chow dot Com – The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul

John Chow’s website/blog provides step by step information on how to get your blog monetized. Guess what – its all for free! Download his free eBook: “Make Money Online” and learn how he went from Zero to $40,000 a month by Blogging.

This is my first source of information that I visit when I need to learn something new, or if I need a little bit of inspiration for the day!

2. – Darren Rowse’s blog that helps bloggers add income streams to their blog!

Before I knew Darren Rowse was a successful blogger, I was following his photography information at DPS ( I loved the newsletter and would read it faithfully and then came across a pro blogger with the same name. Could it be? It was! Darren Rowse! I was a big fan as far as photography website, and now, I’m a HUGE fan of his with!

Talk about helping you build a better blog! Wow. Sometimes there is just too much information on their to get through I get so absorbed with it!

3. Steve – Personal Development for Smart People

If you’re not a smart person, don’t go to! Seriously. Stay away. If you’re not a smart person you won’t want to learn from him because you have to be smart to believe in success in life and how making money online can help you achieve different successes in life!

Steve Pavlina was the first blog that inspired me to become an online entrepreneur. His 7,000 word essay (kinda) was what told me – “Glenn, you can do this!” Again, only visit his site if you’re smart.

Oh wait… I’m sure he’d love to see that people are going to his website from here so even if you’re dumb, just take a look at, bounce around then exit.

4. Glenn Magas dot Com – From Hungry Hungry Writer to Hungry Hungry Blogger.

Okay, yeah – that’s me if you didn’t know it. But if you follow Glenn Magas dot Com you’ll find it is growing and creating quite a buzz around the Internet. Buzzz… internet… see!

Glenn Magas dot Com provides insight on Personal Achievement, Leadership Wisdom, Cool Gadgets like the Apple iPad and the Nook handheld ebook reader, as well as great information on learning SEO, success in life, and blogging to the bank!

I told you 3 resources right? Well, I like using odd number lists. The 4th is a bonus! And its a good one right?


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